Terminus + Riskified

Our dedication to fraud & brand safety, best-in-class ad tech partners and connected channels (CTV, contextual, retargeting, display, etc.) will provide Riskified with the most extensive and efficient b2b advertising solution on the market!

Compared to other ABM platforms:

+ 60% lower CPMs
+ 50% less ad fraud
+ More targeting options
+ Higher return on ad spend (ROAS)

Why Terminus?

  • Best-in-class advertising with more targeting options, higher ROAS, lower CPMs, and less ad fraud.
  • Power your Revenue Flywheel across acquisition, renewal, expansion, and up-sell.
  • Engage buyers with distinctive multi-channel experiences, powered by first-party data.
  • Scale with true ABM experts and playbooks to help you crawl, walk, and run.

Drive More Value at Every Stage of the Revenue Flywheel

Traditional marketing playbooks aren’t working anymore. Lead generation and pipe creation aren’t enough. The only way to revitalize the role of marketing as a revenue engine is to engage target accounts across the entire customer lifecycle.

No more vanity metrics like form fills and lead volume. And no more wasting spend on the wrong buyers. Marketing teams now MUST focus on real business impact – a sustainable growth advantage throughout the revenue flywheel.

Turn Your Marketing Into a Revenue Growth Engine

Build Brand Awareness

Identify and target your ideal customer profile and connect with engaged accounts.

Build Pipeline

Power your pipeline growth with pre-opportunity nurture, retargeting via web and email, and reconnecting with closed-lost accounts

Accelerate Pipeline

Speed pipeline to close with deal-state nurture and one-to-one account campaigns targeting your decision makers.

Retain Existing Accounts

Use data to build proactive retention strategies to identify competitive intent, share product updates and engage customers with targeted events.

Expand Existing Accounts

Find new ways to upsell and cross-sell to your existing customers by delivering measurable business outcomes.

Let Ad Experiences Work for Riskified

With more ways to reach your intended audience, Ad Experiences takes your marketing strategy to the next level. Check out the video to learn how Dow Jones achieved ROI with Terminus Ad Experiences.

Precision Targeting

Some of the most brilliant digital advertising experts in the world work at Terminus and can optimize your ad strategy across the most robust ad network in the industry.

Terminus Ad Targeting

Contextual Advertising

Display ads are even more powerful when shown on websites that relate to topics you care about. Use Terminus to focus your spend on websites that are contextually relevant to your business and see even better results.


Retargeting is built right into Terminus, making it easy for you to advertise more efficiently and increase click-through rates up to 10x.

Terminus Retargeting

Connected TV

Drive engagement on high intent channels with targeted advertising and visually stunning videos on supported streaming platforms like Hulu.

Audio Advertising

Two out of three people consume more audio content monthly than any other channel. Generate interest, drive search volume, and increase brand awareness with Audio ads.

LinkedIn Advertising

Leverage our direct integration with LinkedIn to create LinkedIn campaigns via Terminus. Target more companies and view campaigns performance alongside your additional campaigns directly in Terminus.

The ABM Buyer's Guide

We know that evaluating ABM platforms can be overwhelming for marketers. As marketers ourselves, we get it. To help Riskified in the process, we’ve put together this ABM Buyer’s Guide that outlines what to look for and which questions you might want to ask.