Ready to “Run” With Multi-Channel ABM Plays? Let’s Go.

Your marketing team is seeing big wins with ABM programs and you’ve had success with multi-channel campaigns. Your revenue teams have bought into the strategy and you’re moving the ROI needle in big ways. 

As marketers, we’re always asking, “WHAT’S NEXT?” and we’ve got you covered. We’ve brainstormed, tested and executed your two next big moves. 

In this blog post, we’ll break down two complex, multi-channel campaigns that are featured in our Crawl, Walk, Run Multi-Channel ABM Playbook. We’ll show you how to use a new product to expand your relationship to connect with your key accounts and how to create an opportunity within a target account. But if you aren’t ready to run with ABM quite yet, check out our “crawl” and “walk” ideas campaigns that we’ve previously shared.

Campaign Strategy: Expand Into An Existing Key Account With A New Product

When it’s almost time for an account to renew—and you’ve been watching engagement spikes and intent surges—it’s also time to start thinking about expansion into new products. Because you know what’s working (and what’s not) for your key accounts, you’ll want to identify some pain points that you’re seeing and identify how additional products can save the day.

Step one: get the team together

  • Rally your CMS team to understand who the decision makers are and give you a behind-the-curtains look at the history and trajectory of the account.
  • Assign the task of getting fresh research from the company’s website and social media. Get smart about news, job openings and any other potential pain points that you might uncover.
  • You might even have your legal and finance teams start the process of drafting an agreement in the event that your campaign turns this into a velocity situation.
  • Leverage Terminus—along with our G2 and Bombora integrations—to dig into the behavioral data that you have access to. Intent alerts for researching pain points or competitors, coupled with intent-driven ads on multiple channels will get your team ready to roll.
  • Dig into Engagement Spike and Account Insights to help you understand who is looking at the products you’re wanting to upsell and when they’re looking.
  • Activate your content team designers to start telling the story you need: custom content, case studies, testimonials from other upsell product users, and more to reinforce how you’ll be helping with the pain point you’ve identified.

Step two: pull the trigger

  • Launch a digital display campaign promoting the product line you’re trying to upsell and the pain point it solves.
  • Launch email nurtures and chat playbooks that are stage-based and on theme with your display campaigns
  • Launch a LinkedIn Sponsored Content Campaign to your account to ensure you’re hitting them from every angle.

Step three: have the conversation; close the deal

  • After 2-3 weeks of running digital display campaigns, get to work to start the conversation. Whether it’s a CSM reaching out, scheduling a demo with Terminus Chat, sending a handwritten note, or having your executives reach out to theirs, it’s important to continue to warm up and engage as many people on the buying committee.
  • Tip: If you have a customer newsletter, marketing can also suppress this account from the regular newsletter send and develop a well-designed email custom for this account with targeted language about the benefits of the new offering.
  • If you’re still struggling to connect with your point of contact at your target account, try sending a custom swag or experience kit based on what you understand about the organization.

At this point, your entire buying committee should have seen your display campaign, custom content experience, and piece of direct mail solidifying your authority on the pain point.

  • Once you have engaged in active communications with your target account and have reasonable certainty your offering is a viable solution for their pain points, send the new agreement to your internal champion.

Campaign Strategy: Create An Opportunity Within A Target Account

Sometimes you’ve just got to roll up your sleeves and CREATE an opportunity with an account you’re targeting. If you notice a target account spiking on your website, get creative and reach them with a killer direct mail piece or a personalized chatbox. Once they’ve seen what you’ve got, it’s time to spring into action.

Step one: devise a plan

  • Use Terminus to set up an engagement spike alert to let you know when a target account has landed on your website.
  • Leverage your marketing operations team to create a Salesforce report that pulls in Terminus Spike Data, including the account owners and visits in the last 30 days.
  • Get your creative team together to build some fun creative and use it for display ads, email banners, chat pop ups, and more. Put together a custom landing page for the pads to point to. Use consistent creative and be sure to hit on the pain points that you can solve.

Step two: decide what’s next

Option one. Send the account a virtual or mailed item with a personalized note. Then, enroll them in a display ad campaign that’s personalized with relevant imagery, a tagline, and their account name or logo. Make sure your sales team is set up to receive delivery updates so they can begin email/phone outreach shortly after the item is delivered.

Option two. Launch the display ad campaign, but don’t send those accounts a gift yet. Instead, let the ads run for two weeks. You’ll be building brand awareness so that when the (intentionally delayed) item arrives, your prospects are more likely to quickly recognize your brand.

Once the gift or item has been delivered, it’s time to schedule a call with the target account.

If you use Email Experiences, create a Salesforce campaign with all of the accounts that received a gift or item. Set up a rule so that anytime an SDR emails someone within that account, the recipient will see a custom email signature. If your SDRs don’t receive a response within a few days, encourage them to follow up with more content, a phone call, or a handwritten note to help move the account through the pipeline.

For more ABM inspiration, how-tos, case studies, you name it… browse the Terminus Resource Hub for anything and everything ABM. And don’t forget to check out our full Crawl, Walk, Run ebook with more ways to execute campaigns no matter where you and your team are on your ABM journey.