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Educate Customers on Products & Services in Every Email Send

When it comes to your customers, there are tons of touch points that came into play when you earned their business. And just because they signed a contract with your company doesn’t mean that you can stop earning their business every single day. In fact, earning their business is a daily practice that includes SaaS customer support strategies, educating them on your products and services and making sure they feel like a valued part of your company.

Once your customers see additional value in what your product or service can provide, they’ll often share more of their pain or challenges to see if your offerings can help their bottom line. Building a relationship comes with time, but in these valued customer conversations it’s important to keep them up-to-date with the latest information across marketing, product, sales and so on. SaaS customer support representatives should share product notes, case studies, blogs and articles to earn credibility, yes, but also to ensure your valued customers are aware of important product updates or industry changes.

Customer Happiness = More Revenue

Prominent SaaS companies would tell you that roughly 80% of their new customers are referred from their existing customers. The true value of SaaS customer support is not just from the lifelong value of those businesses, but from word of mouth and engagement with customers’ peers and referrals. These conversations can often be started by sharing stories of another similar customer that has found success using your product or services. When it comes time to share these case studies, product updates, thought leadership pieces, or other relevant information, how do you engage your customer success reps without causing them to lose focus?

Educate Customers With Every Email Send

Consider this statistic: an individual employee sends on average 10,000 emails each year, which means 28 percent of their day is spent in the inbox. These personal, relationship-building emails are already representing your brand, but think about the email signature as an opportunity for up-to-date marketing, sales and product content to be distributed in the same context – with no extra effort on the part of the customer success representative or other customer-facing employees.

Layout of email signature for SaaS customer supportCall-to-action banners in email signatures (as shown in the illustration to the right) can play an instrumental role in customer success. These interactive banners can include important company initiatives in the hundreds (or thousands) of the emails your customer success representatives and other customer-facing employees are sending every single day. Turn your email signature into a conversation starter to help customers feel further connected to your brand. Take, for example, a few of the use cases below of how several Sigstr customers are educating their customers through the power of email signatures:

Email signature example for SaaS customer support

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