SaaS Products for Small Business Marketers

If you’re a marketer at a small business, then you need every tool and solution you can get your hands on that makes you more efficient, more effective, or helps you make smarter decisions. As part of a small business, you likely have a limited marketing team – or may be doing it all yourself, which only increases the challenge. You have limited capacity to execute on programs and marketing ideas, and you probably have a limited budget, too.

But as Neil Patel, a contributor at Forbes, shared in a recent article:

“Marketing a small business is incredibly exhilarating. In a small business context, it’s much easier to see the immediate impact of a marketing initiative.”

Isn’t that so true? As marketers, we need to execute quickly and need to be incredibly effective with the resources we do have. But don’t we also want to see the direct impact of the work we’re doing? That’s part of the glory of being a marketer at a small business – you get to call the shots AND see the results almost immediately.

Small Business Marketing Tools

Recently, Sigstr was featured in an article by David Cummings entitled, “SaaS Products For the Marketing Department”. In his post, David shares that some small business marketing departments use up to 27 products. While that number may be on the high side, he suggests that, “As a small business marketer, you should look for the number of marketing department apps to grow over time as more useful point solutions come on the market.”

Our team at Sigstr would be lost without many of the small business marketing tools we rely on every single day. We use SaaS products to market, measure, sell, optimize, serve, grow, and so much more – all in a day’s work. In fact, we love our SaaS partners so much that we’re going to share a few with you from David’s list that you should check out immediately for your small business marketing department.

Here’s Our Favorites:

Is your team already using some of the small business marketing tools we listed above? Let us know which are your favorites and why!

And while you’re at it, learn more about how Sigstr can help your small business marketing team by scheduling a quick demo or check out our latest email signature marketing resource below:

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