[Infographic] 7 Ways Your Sales Team Can Use Email Signatures to Drive Conversions

The ?just checking in? sales email is ineffective and totally self-serving.

Sales reps who send this type of email simply aren?t offering any value to their prospects. In fact, they?re interrupting a prospect?s path to purchase. They?re selfishly attempting to convince buyers into replying to their messaging and, eventually, purchasing, all on the rep?s timeline rather than their own.

But sales isn?t about the rep, is it? We?re here to be a real and useful resource to provide meaningful value to a customer through their journey. Buyers want to purchase from people they like and trust.

Today?s most successful reps are committed to building trusting relationships with their prospects. They know it?s important prospects see just as much return on their time invested in the sales journey as they will in the product or service. They understand empathy is at the heart of trust.

The more trust you can create, the more a prospect will share.

With trust, prospects will let you in on their pain points, their hopes and their needs. And when you know their needs, you can realistically evaluate if your product or service is, in fact, a good fit. When you?re honest enough to turn down a potential sale because it?s not in their best interest, you create an unbreakable trust. And you build a customer for life. They?ll still refer you. They?ll want to want your product. And they?ll make all their friends and colleagues want your product or service.

The first step to building trust is to allow your customer to see you as a valuable resource. To show them you understand them on an emotional level and that you?re able to provide answers before questions are asked.

The easiest way to provide consistent and meaningful value to a buyer in a sales email is to include helpful content. But sending too many sales emails to share content can get annoying. Instead, these seven companies used email signature marketing to subtly inject content into every single email, no matter what the subject matter was. Take a look! And for more information,?check out our ebook for 28 total use cases?on?email signature marketing.