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The Sales Evangelist Podcast: How to Use Your Email Signatures to Generate More Business

TSE-163-2-1Earlier this week, Sigstr was featured on a new episode of The Sales Evangelist’s podcast. See the full recording on “How to Use Your Email Signatures to Generate More Business” below:

First off, who is The Sales Evangelist?
Donald Kelly believes in keeping sales simple and mastering the fundamentals. He’s passionate about helping salespeople overcome the most challenging obstacles they are currently facing. So much so that he created a blog, podcast, and other publications around this central theme. His podcast, The Sales Evangelist, has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, South Florida Business Journal and UpStart. Learn more about Donald here.
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.20.40 AMWe are incredibly appreciative and grateful to have Donald as a supporter and fan. He even reps Sigstr in his own email signature template, which we were very excited to see.
New Episode: “How to Use Your Email Signatures to Generate More Business”
Donald and Sigstr Founder/CEO, Dan Hanrahan, talk about a new way to capitalize on employee emails as a marketing channel. Dan highlights 3 important features of a great email signature template:
1. Keep it simple

  • No need to include your address in your email signature
  • Have a link to your website
  • Think of the 3 or 4 things that have the most value and hone in on those
  • Skip things like address and fax numbers but make them easy to find on your website

2. Use images wisely

  • Be efficient
  • Reserve the images to what’s most important (logo, call-to-action)

3. Drive consistency to fuel brand

  • Provide a consistent experience across all formats of your brand

The major takeaway:
“Think about the massive reach and impact of employee email signatures. Whatever you do, make sure it’s a compelling brand experience because every single message can impact your brand positively or negatively.”
Thanks again to Donald for having us on the show and to the supporters of The Sales Evangelist for tuning in. A full recap of the episode can be found here.
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