Sales Experiences

ABM is not just marketing, it’s your entire go-to-market team working together to create a connected customer experience. Sales Experiences helps your sales reps work smarter by providing them with powerful data and new ways to engage prospects showing activity.

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Make It Easy for Sales to Gain Insights

Terminus Sales Experiences are built right into your CRM so your sales team doesn’t have to log into another piece of software. Now all of the powerful Terminus data is at your sales reps fingertips in every CRM record.

Instant Insights Into Intent

Find accounts that are in-market through a combination of firmographic and psychographic data, native to the Terminus platform, to help personalize outreach to prospects. Integrations with G2 and Bombora are available to provide sales reps with even more intent data.

360º View Into Account Engagement

See the full picture of how your accounts are engaging with your entire go-to-market program. Understand how accounts are engaging with your ads, emails, website, chat, and every other part of your marketing program. Understand the pattern of email and calendar activities between your team and theirs. And see it all in a timeline to visualize that account’s unique buying journey.

Quantify and Visualize Account Relationships

By analyzing email and calendar data, Terminus Email Experiences quantifies the relationships between your team and their opportunities, allowing it to deliver meaningful buying intent signals to help forecast your team’s pipeline.

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