Sigstr for Sales: How Relationship Marketing Impacts a Sales Rep’s Day-To-Day

“Eat your own dog food” (ew) or “drink your own champagne” (better!) are idioms that we often hear in sales, typically referring to an organization’s ability to utilize its own products or services. With Sigstr existing in the MarTech space, one may not consider how a sales rep can truly leverage the potential in their email on a day-to-day basis. So I, Sigstr sales development rep, am here to tell you how our team takes full advantage of our Relationship Marketing platform.

Email Signature Marketing

Email signature marketing (ESM) – the foundation on which Sigstr was started – is a simple enough concept. Give marketers the ability to centrally control their employees’ email signatures (no more of those “please copy and paste” emails? Hallelujah!) while using the email signature to turn employee email into a marketing channel.

Relevant, Personalized Content

The first key benefit of ESM in my role is simply knowing that each email I send every day is promoting content that will be relevant to my prospect. Our rule of thumb here at Sigstr is that the average employee sends ~10,000 emails a year. In fact, in the past year as an SDR, I have sent 26,000 emails. It’s comforting to know that each and every one of those emails featured consistent branding and a clickable call-to-action banner promoting various types of content. Not only that, it’s invaluable for event outreach.

Sigstr Engagement Data

Click notifications are another cool feature of email signature marketing. Anytime I send a prospect an email, I’m notified via Sigstr the name of the person that clicked on my email signature banner, along with their email address. Aside from real-time click notifications, I also receive a “Sigstr Engagement Report” every morning that sums up which accounts and prospects have engaged with my content in the days prior. It can be super helpful when keeping track of who is engaging with your content (which allows for effective follow-up).

Account-Based Marketing

The ability to utilize the ABM functionalities of Sigstr when doing quarterly account planning is incredibly helpful. It allows me as a rep to work directly with our marketing team to ensure that my priority accounts have targeted messaging in every email I send to them. The ability to provide a specific event registration banner or account-specific campaign turns each of these emails into a highly personalized marketing channel.

Sigstr Relationships

Before Sigstr Pulse, we had not yet found a platform that allowed us as sales reps to understand how to map the relationships that existed within our company. Now, we are able to leverage the relationship intelligence side of the Sigstr platform to make warmer, stronger connections which helps us be more efficient with our time. Warmer connections are always the best path forward, and Sigstr Pulse allows reps to see what relationships exist in their company like never before.

Territory and Account Planning

The first area we, as a sales team, were immediately able to identify as a key use case for Pulse was territory account planning at the beginning of each quarter. It allows my Account Executive and I to simply dive into the “Location Intelligence” tab, click the city I’m working in, and bam! Pulse is able to spit out a list of our company’s strongest relationships in that area while showing my best paths to a warm introduction.

Event Outreach

Whether it’s Dreamforce, INBOUND, or a field event that you’re planning in conjunction with marketing, events can be stressful. And identifying who to target can be tricky. With Pulse, we’re able to not only see what contacts we have in that city, but also upload event lists with company info and immediately see what our relationship scores with those accounts. This helps to streamline the prospecting and guesswork that goes along with pre-event outreach.

Warm Introductions

With open rates on emails generally under 40% on average, cold outreach can be painful and fruitless for reps. Decision makers are being bombarded with this type of messaging. And some of it may be relevant, but an overwhelming amount is generic and irrelevant to their role or company. With Sigstr Pulse, not only can I see my strongest connections in order to plan out target accounts, I’m now able to ask those within my company with the strongest relationships to provide a warm introduction. This allows for higher response rates, more relevant messaging, and ultimately more meetings.

Relationships and Email Signature Marketing = A New 1-2 Punch for Sales

In a world where folks are more bombarded with messaging than ever before, relationships have become more important than ever. Whether we’re targeting marketers, IT folks, or other salespeople, account planning can be incredibly difficult and getting ahold of the right person even more so. Now, with Sigstr’s Relationship Marketing Platform, reps are able to leverage the relationships within their own company to gain warmer and more meaningful connections while providing relevant content to every prospect. People drive relationships, and relationships drive revenue.