Capture Buyer Intent and Opportunity Analytics with Sigstr’s New Salesforce Integration

85% of business is done over email– especially in later-stage opportunities where revenue teams are exchanging information, booking meetings, and sending contracts. This creates a massive challenge for the 70% of B2B marketers who are responsible for revenue. After the handoff, from marketing to sales, almost all interactions happen via email. Because of this, marketers lose visibility into the rest of the customer journey and, with it, their ability to influence revenue. Until today that is…

We are over-the-moon-excited to announce that both Sigstr Relationships and Sigstr’s Opportunity Analytics are now available within our new integration with Salesforce. With these two powerful analytics sources flowing in and out of Salesforce, marketers gain account-specific and aggregate buyer intent data along with the ability to see how Sigstr is influencing revenue throughout the entire customer journey.

Sigstr Relationships in Salesforce

Picture this scenario. Your marketing team has mapped the organization of an incredibly valuable target account and identified the champion and key stakeholders. Highly customized ads have been deployed and content has been created across a variety of mediums. You’ve just received confirmation that the (surprisingly expensive) box of cookies with your respective company’s logos on them have been delivered to the champion in that account. And then you finally, officially, hand that account off to the sales person.

If this is the only account you’re handling like this, it should be easy to keep tabs on how that opportunity is developing from that point forward. However, if this is scaled to hundreds or thousands of accounts, it becomes impossible to understand contact and account engagement (especially if more individuals are being added to the buying committee). If contact and account engagement is hard to see, that means it’s also difficult to get a true sense of how likely that opportunity will close.

With Sigstr Relationships, revenue teams now have access to account-based insights and buyer intent at the contact and account level, as well as in the aggregate. With this data at their fingertips, marketers gain visibility into the “dark funnel” – which allows them to take action to drive revenue faster than ever before.

Salesforce Opportunity Analytics

One of the biggest challenge for B2B marketers is proving their impact on revenue. When it comes to Sigstr and using your company’s biggest communications channel to drive marketing ROI, we’ve got you covered. With our new Salesforce integration, you can pull all of your opportunity data into Sigstr to show how much revenue your Sigstr campaigns are influencing and how much won revenue they have helped your team close. In addition to our new suite of Sigstr analytics – which includes our unique audience click through rates – marketing teams can see Sigstr’s impact on your most important revenue goals.

This is the first of several large integrations we’re planning over the summer. They all align perfectly with our ongoing mission of helping teams bring employee email into every part of their tech stack. We’re grateful to all of our amazing customers who have helped guide our vision and established Sigstr as a critical component of their revenue strategy. Stay tuned for what’s next! And if you’re not already using Sigstr, you’re about to be green with envy.

Read the full press release here.