How SalesLoft Increased Reach 600% Through Account-Based Marketing

Salesloft Increased Reach 600% with Account-Based Marketing

SalesLoft, a company that provides prospecting automation software, does account-based marketing amazingly well. Each week, as their sales development team identifies new accounts to target, the marketing team creates advertising programs that target the entire account for each of the companies that the SDR team is trying to reach. As a result, they are able to increase their reach by over 600% among the accounts that their sales team is trying to penetrate, creating awareness among all of the decision makers and influencers within that company.

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“The ability to automate our account-based marketing programs across mobile, social, display, and video, just by clicking a button, is simply amazing — and it gets our message in front of the right audience,” comments Tami McQueen, Director of Marketing at SalesLoft.

SalesLoft - Tami and Sean discuss account-based marketing

Note that with account-based marketing employed, none of the decision makers within SalesLoft’s target companies have to visit their website or download an eBook. Just making sure that the CEOs, CFOs, and other key executives are exposed to SalesLoft messaging is enough. With their message in front of key individuals across mobile, social, display, and video, SalesLoft can prompt internal conversations among their target companies, until before they know it — SalesLoft suddenly has their attention. The next time an SDR calls on one of these companies, the introduction has already been made.

About Tami McQueen:


Tami McQueen is the Director of Marketing at SalesLoft, the easiest and fastest way on the Internet to build a list of targeted and accurate prospects. Tami serves as a marketing and communications strategist where she leads digital and content marketing, drives social media engagement, and lead generation initiatives across multiple platforms. She delivers branding insights and channels collaborative discussion among internal and external audiences.

About Sean Kester:

Sean Kester

Sean Kester joined SalesLoft as the first-ever sales development rep, to lead the efforts of specialization from the traditional sales organization. As the Head of Sales Development, he quickly built, implemented, and scaled a process for the sales development team that is now the largest group inside the company. As an early stage product manager for SalesLoft Cadence, the application of record for the sales development team, Sean is driven by the desire to impact the lives of sales development professionals.