Customer Success

#SangramSeries: Engagement Journey

The engagement journey helps marketers measure success – not necessarily with numbers but by analyzing the way customers behave. Take a look at my two-minute whiteboard session and catch the highlights below!

Flipping Points

  • Not every customer goes through the funnel the same way. Every customer has a unique journey and your organization should personalize how you engage on their terms.
  • Here are some things to consider a customer’s unique journey.
    • Number one step is to identify your accounts.
      • Ways to do this? Call, direct mail, email.
      • You want to have coverage across as many channels as possible to the point you’re surrounding them with your message, especially if these are the right accounts.
    • Step number two is to determine if your efforts with coverage are working.
      • Do this by measuring if your ads are serving these accounts, if people are actually engaged from this account, are they spending time on your website, what does the website personalization look like?
  • Once you get the right coverage and level of engagement, it’s time to consider the movement of these accounts.
    • Are they converting?
    • Are they progressing to the next step?
    • Do they have velocity?

Going from a journey from coverage to engagement to movement is really what’s going to take you on the right journey of account-based marketing.