FlipMyFunnel Post

#SangramSeries: Measuring ABM Success with Engagement, not Contacts

Contacts don’t matter!

Well…in account-based marketing (ABM) world, they don’t matter as much as engagement does. Check out this quick explanation on why ABM success relies on engagement, not just contacts. Send me a Tweet at @sangramvajre with your thoughts!

Flipping Points

  • Most companies are measuring success in terms of leads.
    • They want to see e-books, webinars, events…some people still buy leads, can you believe that?
  • We’re all trying to go figure out how many more contacts an we get from a given company/particular account or leads in general
    • The better way to this option is to focus on accounts. 
  • When you think about accounts, you’re thinking about engagement as the major way that you’ll see success.
  • Ask yourself these questions:
    • Are we getting more demos from that accounts?
    • Are we creating new opportunities from that company?
    • Are we engaging more decision makers?
    • Why is this important?
  • Expansion is one of the key phases of the flipped funnel – that means, there are more decision makers in the decision making process. YOU NEED TO ENGAGE ALL OF THEM.
  • Once you get the right coverage and level of engagement, it’s time to consider the movement of these accounts.
    • Are they converting?
    • Are they progressing to the next step?
    • Do they have velocity?

By focusing on just contacts (that come from leads), you’re missing out on maybe 7-10 people out of the decision-making process. Focus on account-based marketing by focusing on engagement, not just contacts.