#SangramSeries: Scalable Demand Generation Program

Sangram’s back with his whiteboard series, and to build upon last week’s video, he digs deeper into the concept of unbound and its effect on a successful scalable demand generation program. Catch the 1:30 second video and top takeaways below!

Flipping Points

  • People think account-based marketing (ABM) takes the place of inbound marketing. Wrong.
    • Inbound has its place but the problem is, it’s not scalable.
    • Teams can generate tons of leads but that doesn’t mean they’re all ready to buy.
  • What’s the difference between inbound, outbound and unbound?
    • Inbound represents people who are actually requesting for a demo.
    • Outbound is when you have a sales team that’s just cold calling and going after accounts or leads that either inbound is generating or they’re creating these opportunities on their own.
    • Unbound doesn’t take into consideration who found the account – it’s about going after the right people.
  • The fusion of outbound and unbound is the real powerhouse of ABM.
    • Instead of focusing all of your energy and resource on inbound, consider focusing on outbound and unbound.
    • This means coming up with a list of accounts that you want to go after, coming up with the messaging you want to use to target them, and finally, reaching out to them.

Instead of focusing on them in silos, you’re actually focused on them together. And that’s what ABM is all about.