Santa Uses Terminus to Design Magical, Tailored Experiences

Santa uses Uberflip and Terminus

Editor’s Note: Our friends over at Uberflip have launched a fun holiday campaign about account-based marketing (ABM). It highlights how targeted ads are essential for any good ABM program. This blog appeared as Day 2 of Uberflip Presents: ABM Saves Christmas, where the Uberflip team devised a fictional scenario with Santa on a mission to save Christmas through account-based marketing tactics. The article below highlights how you can apply Terminus and Uberflip together for your ABM plays with targeted advertising. To find out how the entire ABM campaign unfolded, go here and complete the Christmas Cheer Assessment to participate.

On the second day of his ABM campaign, Santa focused on increasing engagement with his targeted accounts by delivering personalized experiences through ads and content.

Account-based marketing saves Christmas with targeted content

Personalization Through Ads at Scale

The time it takes to truly personalize your outreach and engage your target accounts can seem overwhelming. If you’re looking to target accounts by region, industry, department, or on a one-to-one basis, the amount of work required to properly personalize a campaign adds up quickly.

Santa found huge benefits in using Uberflip and Terminus together for scaling personalization across his two segments. Terminus allowed him to segment and target the right audiences with the right messages using digital ads. This level of targeting and customization for his online audience was something that just wasn’t possible before.

In addition to using Terminus, Santa also used Uberflip to quickly build the destinations for his Terminus ads. Using Uberflip he curated custom collections of content to drive each account to specific information and calls-to-action that were relevant to them.

Terminus account-based advertising with Uberflip stream

Designing Content Experiences

You too can design a content experience for ABM. It’s at this point that we can use “design” and “strategy” interchangeably! As a strategic content marketer, the ABM framework puts you in the position of content experience designer, where your content must be crafted, placed, and delivered intentionally by marketing and sales, for each persona to engage with every step of the way.

Your ideal customer profile (ICP) is your touchstone for mapping out the flow of content experiences. The pathway for engaging with content should reflect the personas within your ICP and how to best communicate with them, from first-touch, all the way through to purchase and having them become your brand advocate. And so there are some general questions to keep in mind when generating content experiences for the buyer’s journey, such as:

  • Does this content address my buyer’s role as either: end-user, researcher of a solution, or decision maker?
  • Is the content relevant to their industry and speak their industry’s language?
  • Does it address my buyer’s pain points?
  • Am I demonstrating thought leadership in creating content that’s both compelling and educational?
  • Have I placed my content at the appropriate stage of the buyer’s journey, at the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel?
  • Have I selected the appropriate medium and tactics for this particular buyer? Do they prefer white papers over video, in-person events over blogs? Or a combination of some mediums and tactics?

The answers to these questions will form the basis of your ABM campaigns. Each of your ICP personas will require their own content experience, with their own respective flow of content, messages, and marketing tactics. Well designed content and a well designed content experience will be the key to establishing meaningful relationships through ABM.

One-to-one personalized Terminus ad and Uberflip landing page

Be on the lookout for Santa’s Terminus ad. He just might be targeting you.

To see more about how Santa uses Terminus for ABM, go to cheer.uberflip.com.