Product Updates

Terminus From Anywhere: The September Product Release Is Here

Most of us are still working from home. Most of us are on our phones even more than usual. All of us are still trying to drive demand. That’s why our newest release is aligned to help you do one thing: execute ABM from anywhere! The September Release is officially here and we are excited to announce Terminus from Anywhere, a suite of products and enhancements connecting revenue teams with target audiences, no matter where they are.

It Starts With Our Newly Enhanced Visitor ID

We have developed our next generation Visitor Identification Service. We can now identify and target prospects working from home by connecting their domain to a household IP and this change in our matching algorithms gives marketers even better coverage. Your B2B prospects don’t need to be in an office to get the right message delivered–they can be ANYWHERE. These Visitor ID enhancements will give our customers a 45% increase in the match rate of visitors coming to your website and being matched to Accounts in Terminus.

Ad Retargeting Is Still the Most Effective Tactic for ABM

When those prospects come to your website, what is the number one most effective tactic for ABM? Ad Retargeting. We’ve built the next-generation ad retargeting, and it’s never been easier to create, manage and launch all your retargeting tactics directly within the platform, without the need for any AdOps or support…it’s all self service. Now you can take your personalization to the next level with Industry, Company Size or Department targeting. Finally, uncover insights to understand how your Ad Retargeting is impacting accounts through account-centric reporting.

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Run ABM From Literally Anywhere

Now your teams can be anywhere and literally run your ABM from your phone. With our new mobile app, you can now be available to take high-value chat conversations from anywhere. The app includes alerts and notifications when someone wants to chat with you. You can then choose which chats you answer and which you don’t. Now you can make quick, real-time ABM decisions, no matter where you are, no need to have your computer in front of you–that’s truly Terminus From Anywhere.

Even More

There’s more? In the September release we are also enhancing our email experiences even further with the ability to seamlessly push both email signatures and banner ads automatically in Outreach emails. We are adding contextual targeting, which allows you to get even closer to your target audience in real-time while they are browsing topics surrounding your industry, solution, or competitors. And we are just scratching the surface of Terminus from Anywhere. See these features in action and learn how Terminus can help you transform your organization into a full-funnel revenue generator. For more, check out the official press release here.