Sigstr and G2 Integrate to Drive New Reviews and Profile Views

G2 has democratized a historically walled garden of company profiling, reviewing and recommending. Every B2B company’s G2 profile page is the culmination of their employees’ every day work– from the product development, go-to-market activities, customer experience, and even the back office work that goes on to support a thriving business. That effort manifests in the form of a company’s G2 profile, where their customers review their experiences and their prospects go to evaluate a potential partnership. Now, with Sigstr’s new integration with G2, you can make sure every email your employees send includes a way to direct your most important audiences back to your G2 profile.

Over the past year we’ve seen a massive swell in customers using their targeted Sigstr ad campaigns to solicit reviews from their customer base,  encourage prospects to check out their customers’ reviews and experiences, or both. They’re doing it because Sigstr gives them a passive but persistent way to drive their audience to G2. But with more of our customers running multi-stage, account-based, or other deeply segmented campaigns, things can get complicated. So we made a brand new section in your employees’ signatures that allows your G2 profile to always be promoted.

“Running Sigstr ads to customers asking them to leave us reviews has been awesome,” said Stephanie Kelly, director of marketing operations at Terminus. “We see a consistent flow of reviews when we run the G2 campaigns, meaning we always have recent customer feedback and ratings. It’s one of the reasons we’ve achieved  such a positive reputation on G2!”

Here’s a quick video showing you how quickly and easily you can use this integration:

Your average employee sends about 10,000 emails every year, according to the Radicati Group. According to our math, your sales people are sending about twice that many every year. And according to HubSpot, 86% of professionals prefer to communicate over email. If you care about your G2 profile, why wouldn’t you want to open  employee email as a channel to drive reviews and visits?

We’re excited to announce that this integration is live and available as of today. If you’re not using Sigstr to promote your G2 profile (and dozens of other marketing initiatives ) get in touch with us here and we’ll tell you how turning your employee’s emails into a targeted advertising channel can have a huge impact on your business. If you’re already a Sigstr customer, you’re awesome and you can drop a quick note to your CSM and they’ll show you how to set this up yourself.