Sigstr Case Study: Canvas

Canvas increases webinar registrations by 48 percent in seven days using Sigstr


The buyer’s journey is changing. With mountains of high-quality information swirling across the internet, immediately available to prospects, many decision-makers delegate the buying process to someone else. And a new decision-maker enters the fray in the last 5 – 10 percent of the buying experience. Often, this person needs to be engaged, educated and sold from scratch, according to a study from TOPO. And as customers change their habits, marketers are left trying to find new ways to resonate.

For Canvas, that meant crafting tailored content and a strategy that targets the right people at the right time. Whether they’re top-of-funnel prospects or current customers looking to renew.

Canvas has been tagged one of the fastest growing mobile app services in the world. They’ve automated millions of manual tasks and replaced more than 30 tons of paper in business.  

When Digital Marketing Specialist Keith Bateman was tasked to set up a year-end webinar featuring the major releases of 2016, he was met with some hesitation. The company had tried webinars before – most saw only a handful of registrants. They’d just never been worth the effort. But customer success insisted, saying a properly-run webinar would provide a real resource to customers and help gauge account health.

“We send thousands of emails every year and we have this big, blank space that we should be taking advantage of. But until Sigstr, it’s just been ignored. It’s there, ready to be used – people read our emails, and the space is on every single one. Just empty.”

– Keith Bateman, Digital Marketing Specialist 


Bateman was given the assignment in the second week of November. You know, right before Thanksgiving. Everyone was running around like crazy to wrap up the year before the holidays. So he developed an email and sent it to a few thousand of the company’s existing accounts, starting the webinar promotion.

That email saw about 70 clicks-to-register convert. But Bateman wanted more. He sent out another email, and returned a 1.39 percent click rate and saw a few more signups.

The week before the event, during the webinar promotion, a member of the sales team sent out an email to his accounts. The messaging was simple: “See what you might have missed this year. Just click my signature below and sign up for the Year in Review webinar.”

The targeted messaging matched with a tailored audience returned a 4.04 percent click rate – and a collective 1.24 percent across the board – which turned into real registrations. That week’s webinar promotion through Sigstr pushed the total up past 150 registrants. Even better, 64 percent of registrants attended the webinar, a percentage higher than any other Canvas webinar to date.  

The right language in the email, the ease of use for the customers (and the sales team), and the clean design made it easy for the right clients to sign up. And the 4.04 percent click rate, Bateman added, killed every other channel of webinar promotion.


webinar promotion


Because of the wide and targeted audience during the webinar promotion, the engagement was through the roof. With dozens of questions flowing in, the team was able to see what kind of educational material they should send out throughout the year. And with the targeted audience participation, they’ve since been able to tailor their content – even the website – to better answer key questions.

And, it opened the door for upsell conversations. The webinar brought in eight potential upsells sans the hard sell from customer success.  

In the future, Bateman said the Canvas team will use tailored campaigns with Sigstr to promote and distribute other quarterly content initiatives.. And the company has started using internal campaigns to help with sales enablement. Bateman assigns tailored content to the sales team to ensure they’re seeing the right content at the right time, too, so they can provide the highest value to their customers and prospects.

“Our sales team is great, they’re all really awesome at what they do. But they’re busy. So we’ve been trying to figure out how we can use our content for our team more efficiently. And Sigstr is the perfect way for them to get education and the content pieces they need. And they’re able to have it without having to check Slack or having to remember to check the content library. It’s a subtle reminder every day that’s in their email.”

– Keith Bateman, Digital Marketing Specialist 


webinar promotion

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