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Sigstr and Marketo Partner for ABM Bliss

Sigstr is excited to announce our partnership and integration with Marketo this week. By integrating Sigstr’s email signature CTA banners with the Marketo Engagement Platform, every single email your employees send suddenly becomes a powerful, targeted datapoint that can inform your smart lists, lead scoring frameworks, nurture campaigns– you name it. It’s tough to overstate how powerful adding Sigstr to your existing marketing automation efforts can be, so we’ll just let Matthew McConaughey take this part of the blog post.

Sigstr Marketo integration

(that feeling when every email your employees send becomes a datapoint for your marketing automation tool)

“We are excited to have Sigstr join the Marketo Innovate partner ecosystem to support marketers’ ABM campaigns with enhanced content targeting capabilities,” said Shai Alfandary, vice president, global head of ISVs & LaunchPoint® ecosystem, Marketo. “Sigstr’s dynamic email signature campaigns open up a new method for customer acquisition through the thousands of emails employees are already sending each day. Joint customers have already seen effective engagement with customers from Sigstr signature banners in a short amount of time.”

What, exactly, can you do when you hook up Sigstr and Marketo? So glad you asked! We’ve colorfully illustrated a few of the thousands of amazing things you can do when you connect these two in Sigstr’s Guide to Marketing Automation. One of our favorite tactics is deploying progressive ABM campaigns: What’s better than intelligent account-based targeting with your email signature marketing? Aligning those signatures to every step of the target account’s customer journey. It’s easy to do when you have your email signature banners aligned with Marketo Smartlist memberships.

Beyond the horsepower Sigstr adds to your marketing automation platform, the entire Sigstr team is thankful for Marketo’s partnership. As Sigstr’s president and founder, Dan Hanrahan, recently said in an opinion piece in our local business journal, “We are building partnerships into every facet of our business strategy because we believe that being good partners and patrons in our ecosystem is a powerful and efficient growth driver – and because the right partners add tremendous value for marketers, our customer.”

Watch the video below for an overview on the Marketo + Sigstr integration.

To that end, look forward to more partnership announcements from Sigstr in 2018. Our customers are doing inspiring things with their MarTech stack and we want to make sure that Sigstr can be an integral part to all of them.

Sigstr Marketo integration PR