Sigstr Use Case: Return Path

Return Path is a global Data Solutions Provider that helps the world’s leading companies promote and protect their brands. Every minute of every day, their clients and partners trust their data and insights to help them build closer, safer, and smarter relationships with their customers.
As Return Path is a large, global organization, the company had a difficult time controlling employees’ email signatures. Return Path needed a solution that would allow one person to easily manage all employee signatures, while also tracking and optimizing the success of email signature marketing campaigns across all of their employees.
Return Path began using Sigstr, an employee email signature marketing platform, in February, 2015 as a way to control branding on all sales and marketing emails, as well as promote the company’s most important initiatives and content and measure the campaigns that are most effective. Allison Winkle, Digital Marketing Coordinator, took over as the Sigstr admin in July, 2015 and manages the platform across its 100 global employees in sales and marketing.
One of the first campaigns Allison ran was to promote the Return Path World Tour – Return Path hosted events taking place around the world. The Sigstr campaign directed those who clicked on the image to a specific landing page with further details about the events.
During the 3 months that Return Path promoted the World Tour events, the campaign was displayed over 150,000 times and resulted in 1,900 clicks with several registrations a direct result of the Sigstr campaign!
For more information on how Return Path uses the power of employee email signature marketing, check out the full case study by downloading it here.
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