Sigstr’s First Annual Bring Your Loved Ones to Work Day

Our founder, Dan Hanrahan, put it best in a blog post way back on St. Patrick’s day of 2017: “Family comes first – always. To take care of our families, we pour our hearts, minds and resources into building an incredible product and company to delight our customers.”

We work hard every day to make our customers successful, to make each other successful, and, as Dan mentioned, to take care of our families. At the same time, we owe so much to those families – families who care for us, love us, make the tough days better, and make the good days great.

Whether it’s our significant others who have stood by us through the years, our kids who can bring a smile to our face at any time, or even our pets who are always there for a snuggle (no seriously, Sigstr employees have the cutest, fluffiest, goodest dogs in the world), these groups make all the difference. Working at a fast-growing company isn’t always easy, and we pour a lot of heart every day into making our product the best that it can be. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of working at Sigstr, but it’s always important to take a step back and recognize the bigger picture reason for why we’re doing what we’re doing.

So much of who we are, and, by extension, what this company has become, is because of the people (and dogs) that we come back to each night.

Sigstr’s First Annual Bring Your Loved Ones to Work Day

Last Friday, we had the chance to gather our families in the Sigstr office and celebrate our first ever “Family Day.” That morning, our office was bursting at the seams with dozens of kids, significant others, and pets. Our lobby buzzed with activity – and overflowed with food – as we enjoyed donuts, coloring, conversation, and even the chance to name our ABM piñata mascot (details coming soon on the winning submission). It was an incredible morning, and it was a reflection of our larger culture.

Here at Sigstr, we often talk about our core value known as the “Signature Rule” – we intentionally place the interests of our customers, our communities, and each other before our own. We put each other first. We work hard to make our clients, and each other, successful. We hold each other accountable, and we celebrate together when we’ve succeeded. We share in the ups and the downs, and we are united under a common goal. In short – we are a family.

Looking around at the joy and excitement of that morning, it was easy to see that bigger picture. It was easy to see the love everyone had for their own families, and the way that our employees have come together to form a family of our own. The Sigstr family isn’t confined to the walls of our office, or to the business relationships we’ve formed. It runs much deeper than that – we care profoundly about each other, about our clients, and, especially, about the people that stand by us every day.

Thank you to our families, to everyone who makes our jobs worth it – you are the reason we do what we do. Join the Sigstr family today.