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[Sigstr Shout-Out] Branding Lumavate Through A Simple Email Signature

Have you ever tried to corral information about a product you already own – maybe your dish washer’s owner’s manual or that warranty on your heat pump? Not always easy, right?

Lumavate, a SaaS application technology, was created to help by giving a digital voice to your products. It allows content to send through text, QR code or NFC directly from your product’s label or sticker to your smart phone at the exact moment you need it. Anyone from industrial drill operators to a standard homeowner can scan the equipment label to instantly access troubleshooting videos, manuals or even order product-specific parts.

The technology provides manufacturers a real-time, captive channel to reach customers to offer up relevant and helpful information. It solves customer’s most complex challenges while decreasing the manufacturer’s support costs and boosting revenue after the sale.

Finally! A way to decode the mystery language of manufacturers, in real-time, without the panicked Google search that returns results like, “10 ways you know your heat pump is going to blow-up tomorrow.”

Lumavate’s entire platform is built to provide companies a resource to improve customer loyalty by offering the right resources at the right time. So it makes sense they wanted to do the same for their customers.

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Lumavate launched their first campaign at the end of July. Since then, they’ve added three more campaigns surrounding content resources like new ebooks and their blog. The group has added 30K brand-consistent impressions and they’ve seen an average .66 percent click-through rate.

Their team has created each of their four campaigns, then worked with our team to optimize design, reach and branding.

What we love [Campaign]:

Using resources like our email signature campaign best practices and our customer success team, the Lumavate team has knocked their design and branding out of the park with each new campaign. Our favorite, though, directed 1:1 email recipients to their (stellar) blog.

The first thing to shout out is their incessant desire to help their customers. Lumavate is a brand that screams brand loyalty and customer service. And the quickest way to a customer’s heart is to share a resource. They show they’re eager to provide value through education, instruction and support – all found in their blog.

Using the on-brand Lumavate orange as the primary color, the bold banner immediately becomes a focal point in the simple email signature. The designers kept the messaging clean and tight, using only three colors for visual interest while avoiding becoming too busy.

The Campaign’s call-to-action stands out, asking recipients to “click here” to read the latest and greatest blog posts from Lumavate. Which proved effective in application, gathering more than 14K impressions and a 0.66 percent click-through rate.

We also love how the group changes things up frequently. They refuse to become stale. This campaign ran for about a month before they switched up the campaign to promote their new ebook.

What we love [Signature]:

We talk with the Lumavate team almost weekly to make sure their Signature is the best representation of their brand. They’ve opted to use the simple email signature space to host the logo, creating consistent branding. And furthermore, the simplicity in the design keeps the visuals attractive.

They’ve used just two fonts, at varying weights. And only one color in the text and adding their signature orange in the logo.

The simple email signature style stayed consistent with their branding. Lumavate is a small but mighty SaaS team with insane potential and lofty growth goals. As they continue adding to their team, the Signature is scalable and consistent across the company to create cohesive branding.

What’s next:

Our customer success team will continue working with the Lumavate team as they add more names to their roll-call. The high growth market the team works in creates an ideal opportunity to leverage employee email as an owned marketing channel.

Sigstr Shout-Out is a series that features the insanely talented and creatively driven Sigstr customer campaigns so you can see simple email signature best practices in action – and who’s nailing them.  

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