Simplify ABM Campaigns with Terminus and HubSpot

Account-based marketing goes hand in hand with inbound marketing. By attracting high-value prospects and then using a targeted strategy to convert them into customers, marketing teams can improve conversion rates and customer acquisition costs (CAC). The introduction of more multi-channel ABM platforms in recent years has emphasized the benefits of further personalizing the marketing experience through strategic segmentation.

With the Terminus ABM integration with HubSpot, HubSpot CRM users can seamlessly infuse ABM strategies into their overall inbound marketing program. This integration directly incorporates HubSpot CRM data into the Terminus Data Studio, enabling users to access their collective data from either platform in order to build segments of CRM accounts for email, sales, and advertising outreach.

According to Audra Felten, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Terminus, the Terminus integration with HubSpot can help individuals and teams across the marketing organization looking to grow their inbound marketing efforts through segmentation. “Marketing team members from ABM, Marketing Admins, and Marketing Ops will benefit from this integration,” says Audra.

Here’s how marketing and sales teams can use the Terminus ABM integration with HubSpot to reduce manual tasks, implement omni-channel marketing, and use HubSpot and Terminus data to build hyper-targeted campaigns.

Ways to Use the Terminus Integration with HubSpot to Integrate ABM Into Marketing Strategy

1. Efficiently Automate the Flow of Data between Sales and Marketing Platforms

Manual data importing is the thorn in the side of marketing departments around the world. The Terminus integration offers marketing teams a way to streamline this process by giving ABM marketers the power to automatically transfer data between their HubSpot CRM and Terminus. This feature eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces the possibility of human error, and boosts the power of both platforms by adding more data to each contact record.

Due to this flow of powerful data, Terminus and HubSpot CRM users can seamlessly integrate years of collected customer data into their inbound strategy in order to create more personalized and targeted connections with their audience. Terminus also enriches data with additional industry and location data, giving marketers even more segmentation possibilities for creating audiences.

“Account-based marketers want HubSpot CRM data automatically updated in Terminus to avoid manually importing and exporting. They can save time with daily updates that pull in account and opportunity data from their HubSpot CRM,” says Audra.

2. Create Dynamic Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Users can create multi-channel campaigns that can be activated in Terminus, using HubSpot Data. From there, marketers are able to access all of the account information, as well as their lead and opportunity data from HubSpot directly in their Terminus account.

Using sales data like deal stage along with marketing data, marketing teams can create dynamic ads with audiences as specific as “Closed Lost” or “Nearing Close” to help more efficiently secure new customers. Along with the ability to automate lead nurturing and follow up via email, social, or chat, ABM strategies can improve conversion rates, reduce advertising costs, and enhance the customer and prospect experience with the brand.

Combining CRM data with marketing automation using smart lists in HubSpot opens marketing and sales teams to new campaign ideas, segments, and testing opportunities. For online ads, the additional data brought in opens up the possibility for new audiences and more segmented targeting which can reduce the cost of qualified ad clicks.

Terminus customers frequently turn to personalization and detailed segmentation when crafting their campaigns in HubSpot. “Users want to see account, lead, and opportunity data from HubSpot in their Terminus accounts so they can create multi-channel campaigns and activate them from Terminus,” Audra adds.

“After new accounts are automatically added to HubSpot, users are able to target the accounts with the right message, at the moment they are ready to hear from them.” – Audra Felten

3. Improve Sales and Marketing Attribution + Efficiency

Marketers are always seeking out more efficient ways to complete day-to-day tasks, eliminate clicks, and improve processes. The Terminus integration provides a streamlined way to leverage HubSpot data across multiple channels in order to further personalize content and customer messaging.

It also improves attribution by automatically syncing data daily and passing Companies, Contacts, and Deals into Terminus. This powers ABM efforts and provides sales and marketing teams with additional data from chat conversations and emails to help create new segments. Audiences can be segmented by industry, deal stage, account, and more.

“Ease of use is a standout, and that makes HubSpot users more efficient marketers.” – Audra Felten

More Ways to Use the Terminus ABM Integration with HubSpot

  • To build segments of CRM accounts,activate during ABM campaigns, and then track their success in HubSpot.
  • To sync HubSpot Company, Contact, and Deal CRM data into Terminus and create targeted objectives that are automatically updated within Terminus for dynamic ABM efforts and robust attribution.
  • To leverage HubSpot data for multi-channel campaigns that are activated in Terminus.
  • To use data from email and chat to personalize messaging with a target audience.

How Townsend Security Increased Account Engagement with the Terminus ABM Integration with HubSpot

When Townsend Security decided that they wanted to incorporate segmentation into their inbound marketing strategy, they went on the hunt for an account-based marketing platform that could offer them the data-driven solutions they needed to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

As HubSpot users, they knew that if they truly wanted to optimize their system, choosing an ABM platform that integrated seamlessly with the HubSpot CRM was the best path forward.

Townsend Security found Terminus ABM for HubSpot to be a user-friendly and intuitive segmentation tool. Due to the integration’s ability to automate data between Terminus and the HubSpot CRM, the team was able to create target account lists based on the native data they had already gathered, which were then used to ensure all marketing efforts were reaching their ideal customer profile.

After incorporating this strategy and using Terminus with HubSpot, Townsend Security was able to increase their CTR by 25% and their web visits from target accounts by 4x, resulting in an overall 33% increase in sales.

To begin running multi-channel ABM programs today, check out the Terminus ABM integration with HubSpot.