Fire Up Your Account-Based Marketing Engine with Salesforce

There has been a ton a buzz around account-based marketing lately. My recent post 5 Killer Reasons Why ABM is Critical for B2B Marketers, published on the Salesforce blog, highlights some of the reasons why there is so much noise, especially now.

The founding principle is quite simple: marketers are getting better and better at lead generation by using content syndication, events, webinars, and apps. And if that’s not good enough, data tools and predictive analytics solutions like DiscoverOrg, Social123, and Leadspace allow smarketing teams to pinpoint the exact companies and contacts they want to get in front of.

The problem arrives after those contacts land in the marketer’s CRM or marketing automation platform. When this happens, many sales and marketing professionals immediately recede into the 90s to launch email campaigns and call blitzes instead of engaging with prospects on their own terms. To make things even more complicated, there are now at least three to five people in the decision-making process in any B2B sales cycle and seven to ten people once a company starts targeting enterprise-level businesses.

There has to be a better way. And that way is account-based marketing!

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By focusing on just one person, you are literally stacking the odds of closing a deal against you. The fact is, marketers and salespeople have become glorified email spammers and telemarketing machines purely focused on interrupting buyers and hoping they will stop what they are doing to hear our message.

Does it work? Sure, sometimes. Is it how buyers want to engage with you? No way!

You could argue that the “spray and pray” approach works for a percentage of people and that it’s a volume game. After all, if you reach out to 100 people and one of them buys your product, you’ve still got one sale! But is that really how your customers prefer for you to communicate with them? And is it really the most efficient use of your time?

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At Terminus, we believe in focusing on revenue generation and decreasing the B2B sales cycle. We love the fact that we can help people engage on their terms via channels they already use: mobile, social, web, and videos. We believe deeply in the #FlipMyFunnel account-based marketing philosophy, which involves starting out with a list of best-fit accounts instead of selecting channels on which to fish for leads.

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Because of this, we just released several new product features that integrate directly with your Salesforce CRM and allow you to start engaging with your prospects on their terms. How would your sales pipeline look if you could connect more deeply with your target accounts and personas across all digital channels in less than 30 minutes?

If you are Salesforce customer, I have great news for you. You already can!

Here are four easy steps to get started with account-based marketing by advertising across mobile, social, display, and video:

Step 1: Connect to Salesforce within seconds.

Step 1: Connect your Terminus and Salesforce accounts.

Step 2: Choose your target audience and roles, which update in real-time based on rules you set.

Step 2 of Terminus Account-Based Marketing: Choose your target audience and roles, which update in real-time based on rules you set.

Step 3: Choose the messages you want displayed across all digital channels.

Step 3 of Terminus Account-Based Marketing: Choose the messages you want displayed across all digital channels.

Step 4: Press go and optimize your campaign with real-time analytics.

Step 4 of Terminus Account-Based Marketing: Press go and optimize your campaign with real-time analytics.

We’ve made the process super simple because we understand that your time should be focused on engaging prospects rather than learning how to use another marketing tool. Most of our customers are able to launch their first account-based digital advertising campaign in less than thirty minutes — and the results are huge. Our customers have seen 60% of their target accounts engaging with their Terminus ads and a whopping 200% increase in conversions.

Want to learn more about how to get started with ABM? Click here to download the Beginner’s Blueprint to Account-Based Marketing.