Your Guide to the 2018 SiriusDecisions Summit Parties

Event season is upon us. That means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some people love conferences because they give them extraordinary opportunities to meet and connect with other like-minded professionals. Others love attending sessions and nerding out over data and content. But, most love the evening networking events – especially when that conference is the SiriusDecisions Summit that’s being hosted in a city like Las Vegas. Finding the best networking events to attend always involves a level of guesswork. So we’re going to make it really easy for you.

All ‘Bout Margaritas Party

If you’re a planner and like getting to town a little early to get settled before a big conference, you’ll be in good company. Grab some good grub and amazing margaritas with the most fun people at Sigstr, Terminus, Brightfunnel, PFL & Uberflip on Monday, May 7th.

SiriusDecisions Summit

If you’re interested in ABM (Account-based Marketing or All ‘Bout Margaritas – whichever you prefer), come join in on the fun. No sales pitches. No presentations. Just a room full of like-minded marketers getting to know and learn from each other. Want to talk shop? Go for it. Just want to come and snack on some chips & guac and throw back some margs? Great – we’re here for that, too. You can join in on the margarita-fueled fun here.

ABM Royale Party

We’re all about ABM here at Sigstr. It’s a core part of our sales and marketing strategy, and if you didn’t already know, ABM targeting functionality is available within Sigstr.

SiriusDecisions Summit

Because of this, we’ve made friends with a lot of other marketers that are very passionate about Account-Based Marketing, like the ABM Leadership Alliance. This group includes 11 industry-leading technology partners who educate B2B marketers about ABM. The ABM Leadership Alliance is throwing an awesome party on Wednesday, May 9th called ABM Royale.

SiriusDecisions Summit

The event is being hosted at Skyfall Lounge – so if nothing else, come for the view. Same deal as with the All ‘Bout Margaritas Parties – no sales pitches or presentations. Just killer cocktails and gourmet grub. You can register for that here.

These are the top two events that are on our radar now – we’ll be sure to update the post as we learn more!

Happy partying.