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Special Message from Sangram – It’s Our Birthday!

On this day two years ago, something magical was created. Something that has changed the course of B2B marketing, sales, and customer success and continues to challenge the status quo to this day.

#FlipMyFunnel is ecstatic to celebrate our second birthday today! From the inception of this concept from an airplane napkin, to eight events in five cities, this movement has gone beyond our wildest dreams. It has evolved into a truly vendor-agnostic community that exists for the sole purpose of serving you — our amazing community members.

And like most of us do as we grow, we started to really question our reason for existing. One question we asked ourselves is “how can we be more intentional about the way we engage the community?” This led us down a path to creating our first ever “why” statement and core pillars.

Today, I’m excited to share them with you as we look ahead to the next year of flipping funnels. We wrote this for you and want you to hold us accountable to delivering on this. 🙂

Here’s the Why statement:

#FlipMyFunnel is on a mission to build the largest and most connected vendor-agnostic community of B2B marketing, sales and customer success professionals by leading them to become masters of their craft and heroes in their organization.

Let’s break this down:

  • Largest: We want to build the largest community of ABX professionals. We’re well on our way here with nearly 6,000 members, but we know we have only scratched the surface.
  • Most Connected: Without this, our community is simply a list of names. We don’t want that and you deserve better. This is why we launched the #FlipMyFunnel Slack Community, an engagement platform where you are helping each other on your ABX journeys in real time. We also recently launched #FlipMyFunnel circles and gatherings, where you can meet up with each other in your local communities on a regular basis to network and discuss all things account-based.
  • B2B Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success – Something you’ve taught us over the past two years is that a winning ABX program involves everyone who has a hand in the customer experience. It’s not just about a single group. You might have noticed that we’ve been integrating this methodology into our conference and we recently launched content hubs full of resources for marketing, sales, and success. We are actively working on building out content for all groups, so visit these hubs often to see what is new. 
  • Masters of their Craft: ABX is personal. We get it. Many of you have taken big risks with your careers in challenging the status quo and gone through the lead graveyard to prove the value of account-based in your organizations. We know at the end of the day that you put a lot of work into building your career so you can support your loved ones and live the life of your dreams. Our goal is to help support you in this by helping provide every resource we can to help you level up your own skill set. ABM University is just the start of that and there’s more to do here as well.
  • Heroes in their Organization: The magic of ABX comes together when you are able to apply all you’ve learned to drive revenue and deliver amazing customer experiences in your organization. In December 2016, we partnered up with our philanthropic partner, PowerMyLearning, and Terminus to host the first annual ABMies awards. It was a beautiful black-tie event where we got to learn more about how PowerMyLearning is becoming a hero in school and family organizations and honor the best and brightest ABX practitioners who were truly driving real results in their respective companies.

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To further deliver on this, we want to ensure the programs and content we develop fall into three core pillars: Connect, Educate, Lead.

Here is what those mean.

  • Connect – We’ll continue to look for ways for you to connect with one another to build real relationships.
  • Educate – The reason we decided to move towards a vendor-agnostic model is this. Education from a B2B standpoint is constantly evolving and we strive to provide the most up-to-date content and resources. Excelling in your career and organization is impossible without leveling up your skills and we want to continue driving a strong focus for you to get there.
  • Lead – We help develop leaders and challenge the status quo in the way we lead ourselves. We continue to deliver on this by providing industry leading benchmarking data through the “2017 #FlipMyFunnel State of ABM Survey” and revising the #FlipMyFunnel model to reflect the way you are actively practicing ABX.

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We found our why, but here’s one thing that won’t change. We won’t stop having fun. Life is too short to not have fun and we’ll continue to look for innovative ways to incorporate this into our culture. If you haven’t experienced this (or just want to relive your favorite conference moments), you should check out the photos we recently posted our Facebook page or the fun Montage from our Boston event last year.



So what else would you like to see from us? Tell us how we can continue to deliver on this mission in the comments below. We really listen and take time to consider each one.