Spring Product Release: New Features, Functionality, and More

Sigstr is at it again! From exciting campaign creative enhancements to needed updates in compliance and security, we’re thrilled to announce our latest product release! Check out the details below.

Animated GIF Support

Ready to liven things up? Sigstr’s campaign functionality now supports animated GIFs! Using an animated GIF adds an element of surprise to email signature marketing that typically isn’t possible with static campaigns. Beyond engagement, you can also use GIFs to explain or demonstrate a new product or service. It’s an excellent way to illustrate complex concepts in an easily digestible manner.

Now if only we could all agree on the pronunciation…

Sigstr product release

Multi-Banner Campaigns

Ensure your content never goes stale! Upload multiple banners under a single campaign to ensure your email recipients stay engaged. Promote the same call-to-action using numerous tactics and compare the results! The first version of multi-banner campaigns will drive all banners to a single landing page. In future versions, we will introduce the option to link each banner to an individual landing page.

Sigstr Product Release

Multi-Campaign Creator

Manage your ABM efforts seamlessly with Sigstr’s Multi-Campaign Creator. Import contact data from a single CSV file to create multiple recipient lists at once. Cut time by streamlining data management and email recipient segmentation. Deliver personalized campaign banners to hundreds of accounts with a single click!

Sigstr Product Release

Google SSO

Tired of remembering lengthy passwords for every application in your team’s repertoire? Use our ‘Sign in with Google’ feature, and login to Sigstr with just one click! The method uses Google’s OAuth 2 to ensure your connection is safe and secure.

Sigstr Product Release

Enterprise Workspaces

Manage multiple brands, branches, and regions under one, unified Sigstr account. With enterprise workspaces, dictate multiple organizations under a single parent account. Each organization functions independently and has its own campaigns, signatures, and user base.

To manage the various aspects of enterprise workspaces, account owners are able to assign two different admin roles – Parent Admins and Organization Admins. Parent Admins have access to all underlying organizations while Organization Admins only have access to a single organization.

HubSpot Meetings

Alleviate the confusion of scheduling by automating the process with HubSpot. Use HubSpot Meetings to include a link below your signature inviting email recipients to “Schedule a Call” or “Schedule a Meeting”. It’s an easy way to ensure human connection outside of email.

Sigstr Product Release

Click Notifications

Get real-time notifications in your inbox anytime someone engages with one of your Sigstr campaigns. Click Notifications let you (and perhaps more importantly, your sales team) know when customers and prospects are interacting with your brand, allowing you to reach out when it’s most relevant!

Click notifications are available to all customers on the Advanced or Professional plans. Sign into the Employee Preference Center to opt-in and get started! If you have yet to install Sigstr’s Chrome Extension, you will need to do so in order to enable the functionality.

Sigstr Product Release


Establish GDPR compliance!  Aside from an increasingly popular buzzword, GDPR is a sweeping change to Europe’s out-dated privacy and security policies. The new regulations require companies in the EU (or companies that have customers in the EU) to meet new regulations around the methods of collecting, securing, and deleting personal information.

Sigstr’s new data management features can be configured to meet GDPR and specific customer needs, including tools to view and delete user information on demand. Sigstr also appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO), which is a requirement for data processors. The DPO is responsible for being the main point of contact for data privacy needs, and for ensuring that Sigstr is following best practices.


Chrome Extension Reporting

Understand who in your organization has Sigstr’s Chrome Extension installed! The Chrome Extension enables Sigstr ABM and recipient analytics. A user’s extension is marked as active as soon as his or her campaign has been clicked on by an end recipient. In later versions, the active status will be dependent on campaign views.

Sigstr product release

Ready to put these new features to use? Log in to your Sigstr account and get started! If you’re new to Sigstr, let us know! We would be more than happy to provide a demo of all the above features and more!