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If Star Wars Characters Had Email Signatures

Duuh DUUH da da da DUUH Duuh da da da DUUH Duuh dun-dun-dun-duuuuh… It’s back! With tomorrow’s premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, people around the world are anxiously waiting to find out what happens next in the galaxy far, far away. A film series that has endured for more than 4 decades, Star Wars is nothing less than a pop culture phenomenon… and we at Sigstr are not immune.

Sigstr’s favorite way to pay homage to popular fictional characters is by creating their hypothetical email signatures, and Star Wars is no exception. Below, we’ve highlighted the best characters from the original trilogy and latest installment. Admittedly, we totally ignored  the prequels, but can you blame us? Buckle up, and prepare to get one with your inner geek!

Leia Organa

Princess Leia, the cool chick from Alderaan, embodies class, character, and charisma. What’s more is that she does so without the typical princess frills. Instead of playing the damsel in distress, Princess Leia is a smart and feisty hero who just happens to have amazing hair. What’s more is that unlike her male cohorts, she’s never been tempted by the dark side. Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher, you were a true feminist icon.

star wars email signatures

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker has come a long way since his days living on a moisture farm on Tatooine. He has blown up the Deathstar, trained with Jedi Master Yoda, become a Jedi Knight, discovered his twin sister, battled Darth Vader, and most recently, vanished into thin air. No one knows what his character will do next, but it is sure to be entertaining.

star wars email signatures

Han Solo

Han Solo, the original Ladies Man, has one of the most interesting arcs in the film series. He starts out cynical, arrogant, and self-centered, but turns into someone who is loyal, dedicated, and brave. The one thing that stays consistent is his spunky personality. Without Han Solo’s comedic one liners, Star Wars just wouldn’t be the same. It should be said, however, that  if someone ever tells you that she loves you, you should never reply, “I know.”

star wars email signatures

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is easy to hate. The fact that he aspires to be as powerful (read: evil) as his grandfather, Darth Vader, is justification in itself, but he also had the audacity to kill the beloved Han Solo. He is cruel, spiteful, and unexpectedly, unpolished. He gives in to temper tantrums and emotional swings which is unlike any Star Wars’ antagonist we’ve seen before. His story is far from finished.

star wars email signatures


Getting abandoned on a desert planet would be enough to make anyone cynical, but not Rey. Despite growing up as a scavenger on Jakku, Rey possess a heart full of generosity and a willingness to help others in need. Relying on a strong moral compass, she believes in the importance of the Resistance and its fight against the First Order. But what about her family? Although we know she is gifted with the powers of the Force, much of Rey’s past remains a mystery.

star wars email signatures


Next to Rey’s serious disposition, Finn is a welcome relief. Who knew that a former Storm Trooper could be so much fun? Although plagued by his fear of the First Order, Finn comes to the rescue time and time again.  A reluctant hero, Finn can’t seem to shake his conscience, which leads to bravery in even the most harrowing of circumstances.

star wars email signatures


BB-8’s affection for his master, Poe Dameron, might just make him the cutest Robot in the Galaxy. On top of that, BB-8 is courageous and daring enough to put his existence on the line to aid his Resistance comrades. What’s not to love about the roly-poly robot?

star wars email signatures

Darth Vader

Darth Vader may be dead, but his legacy carries on. As one of the most complicated characters in the Star Wars franchise, it’s hard to know how to feel about Darth Vader – or should I say Anakin? To most, Darth Vader is the definition of evil. One could argue, however, that in the end, he saved  the life of his son, Luke Skywalker. Good or evil? You decide.

star wars email signatures


Han Solo’s trusty co-pilot, Chewbacca, is one of the most adored Star Wars characters. Despite the fact that nobody can understand a word he says, he sure does make  a lasting impact. Perhaps it’s the hair? Known for his great strength, bravery and loyalty, Chewbacca never lets us down as Solo’s right-hand man – I mean Wookiee.

star wars email signatures


Yoda’s odd way of speaking, short stature, and expressive ears definitely make him stand out from the crowd. After spending eight centuries training and tutoring generations of Jedi, he finally passed away at the ripe age of 900. As the wisest Jedi in the galaxy, it’s unfortunate that Yoda is no longer around to lend his guidance. Rey, Finn, and the rest of the Resistance could use the help.

star wars email signatures

R2D2 & C3PO

You can’t talk about R2D2 without mentioning C3PO, so why try? The robot pair are the definition of two peas in a pod. Always polite, C3PO frequently communicates on behalf of R2D2 who in return, saves the day time and time again. Together, they are often directly involved in pivotal moments of galactic history.

star wars email signatures

What are your predictions for tomorrow’s premiere? Will Luke help the Resistance in its fight against the First Order?  Will we finally gain more knowledge of Rey’s past?  Tell us what you think (@SigstrApp) and let us know which email signatures were your favorites. We’ll leave you today with the following question – what’s nerdier than a tech company blogging about Star Wars?