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If Stranger Things Characters Had Email Signatures

It’s finally here! Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Joyce, and even Steve. The whole gang is back for season three of Stranger Things and we could not be more excited.

In honor of this week’s big premiere, we asked ourselves the age-old question, “What if Stranger Things characters had email signatures?” Here’s what we came up with…

Steve Harrington

Initially, Steve was seen as the typical popular high school troublemaker who was friends with fellow bullies Tommy and Carol. But, Steve had a change of heart throughout season one, and proved that he truly cares for Nancy. He even came to his girlfriend’s rescue during a showdown with The Monster at the Byers house (Jonathan was there too). Spiked bat in hand, Steve fought off The Monster with a few home run swings.

He uses everyday email as an opportunity to promote his new “Protect Your Girlfriend From The Monster” starter kit, which includes a spiked bat, bear trap, and lighter.

Stranger Things email signatures

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy is the older sister of Mike and best friend to Barb. Before teaming up with Jonathan to look for Will and fight off The Monster, she was distracted by her new boyfriend, Steve, and his rambunctious pool parties. That’s where she last saw Barb, who was taken by The Monster while sitting alone at Steve’s pool.

Nancy is still shaken up by her best friend’s disappearance and passing. But, we’ll never forget Barb, as Nancy has made it a point to honor her with a memorial candlelight service (#RIPbarb).

Stranger Things email signatures

Lucas Sinclair

Lucas is one of the best friends of Mike, Dustin, and Will. When Eleven showed up, Lucas was the most skeptical, and even fought with Mike about it until Eleven used her powers to push him away. That did not help things, and a rift grew between Lucas and the other boys.

However, they all bonded together in the end as Lucas warned his friends about the “bad men” while camping out in a tree by Hawkins National Laboratory with his binoculars. With some help from Eleven, they all pedaled their way to safety and Lucas, El, and Mike got back on good terms.

Stranger Things email signatures

Dustin Henderson

Dustin joined the boys’ friend group after moving to Hawkins in 4th grade. Throughout season one, he often resolved conflicts within the group (especially between Mike and Lucas) and always delivered the best quotes.

During a showdown with bullies Troy and James, Dustin became the main spokesperson for Eleven’s powers, and warned the bullies by saying, “Our friend has superpowers, and she squeezed your tiny bladder with her mind!” After El scared them away, he went on to say, “You better run! She’s our friend and she’s crazy!”

Stranger Things email signatures

Joyce Byers

Poor Joyce. Everyone thinks she’s crazy, but all she wants to do is find her son. Her other son, Jonathan, and Police Chief Hopper end up helping her along the way. However, it took some time for both to be convinced that she wasn’t delusional about telephones and christmas lights.

Will communicates with Joyce through circuited phone calls, lights, and a painted alphabet on the wall. Now, she wants to teach others how to do the same in this upcoming workshop. She’s using her email signature to get the word out and is already up to 100 registrations (even Donald registered).

Stranger Things email signatures

Will Byers

On the night of November 6th, 1983, Will was abducted by The Monster and brought into an alternate dimension eventually named the “Upside Down.” As family and friends desperately searched for Will, he ran and hid from The Monster as he creatively communicated with Joyce through electrical devices.

He was eventually rescued by his mother and Chief Hopper and returned home, but his time in the Upside Down changed him. Now he’s opening up about it in his new documentary, “How I Survived the Upside Down.”

Stranger Things email signatures

Mike Wheeler

Mike was a prominent character in season one as he lead his best friends in the search of Will’s disappearance. He also formed a strong relationship with Eleven, providing her food (waffles) and shelter (a pillow fort in his basement). Mike is loyal to his friends and stood up to the bullies multiple times to defend them.

He also lead the Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns, serving as the host and Dungeon Master. How do you think the boys knew when and where to be for the November 6th Campaign? Mike’s email signature for the win…

Stranger Things email signatures


Born with crazy psychokinetic abilities, Eleven was raised in Hawkins National Laboratory and eventually escaped through a drain pipe. Found by Mike, Lucas, and Dustin, she was brought into their friend group as she helped them search for Will and defeat The Monster.

She liked Mike a lot, so it was hard to say goodbye. But maybe they will be reunited in season two? Until then, she’s thriving in the woods and even started a bulk order waffle ecommerce business.

Stranger Things email signatures

What are your predictions for season two? Will there be new characters (and new email signatures) to write about? Tell us what you think (@SigstrApp) and let us know which email signatures were your favorites. Now, go turn on Netflix and get ready for season two!

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