Take a load off: Leverage employee email volume to distribute content


Your employees use email on a daily basis to contact countless individuals throughout the course of their days. With each employee, there is a network that you could potentially tap into to share important marketing material or company information if you only you could leverage the massive amount of business emails they are sending. To begin to distribute content in a way that will benefit your company, you must use these personal networks to your advantage. It can be very difficult, however, for each employee to share the content to every individual without a method of doing so efficiently and effectively. Your employees run the risk of missing people in their network or sharing the content in the wrong way – or worse, content that is outdated or off-brand. To see results in a way that will be beneficial to your company, you need to not only leverage the email volume that is being generated daily, but also create a way for your employees to share the information that makes it easy for them and easy for you – and doesn’t jeopardize your brand in the process.

Volume Presents Opportunity For Exposure

If you think about it, your employees reach out to an incredible amount of people: prospects, customers, vendors, job candidates, and so many others. The volume is incomparable to virtually any other personal method of communication. On average, each employee will send 28 emails / day. That means a group of 100 employees will send almost 20,000 emails every week! That’s 20,000 opportunities to connect with an audience hand-picked by your team. It may not seem possible, but it happens each and every day. With that large volume of contact with prospects, customers, vendors, and others, you have ample opportunity for exposure. You can spread important company information like wildfire through professional contacts. In turn, that information will continue to spread across other respective networks. If you fail to use this email volume to your advantage, you have limited options of reaching these contacts with your message in such a cost effective and efficient manner. By using one of the most trusted forms of communication: the business email, which is already set up and being used at mass, you can easily spread information by coupling content you already have with emails your employees are already sending.

Relieve Pressure on Employees to Personally Share Content

Today, your company may be relying on your employees to promote company or marketing campaigns in their own methods. While some employees may be careful to curate the perfect message and will use the correct brand standards, it’s usually not ideal – especially since some of your employees may not educated or comfortable with the content or campaign. It can put undue pressure on your employees to do yet another task during their day. Asking employees to manually update email signatures pulls them away from their primary job. It’s a distraction, and every update request costs your employees time and your company money. At the same time, your employees may not even know how to do it or where to begin. As a result, the campaign may be poorly delivered and not have the impact you were wanting from the action. There are, however, other methods that you can utilize to take this pressure off of the employees and make it a seamless and efficient addition to their 1:1 email communications.

Leveraging Technology

You simply need to leverage the technology that is available to you. Instead of asking the employees to add in marketing or company information you want distributed manually, make it automatic. You can easily do this by adding the information into the

3 Creative Ways to Unlock the Hidden Power of Email Signatures

3 Creative Ways to Unlock the Hidden Power of Email Signatures

signature block that each employee already has set up in their Gmail or Outlook account. With each email, their signature is already automatically rendering. They do not have to sign their name at the end of every email – that’d be a waste of time. You company is already leveraging technology to make this possible, so why not leverage the technology to add in the content you want distributed as well? Change it as needed and you know that it will automatically be sent out with every single email. Need some tips on what content you can use across marketing, sales, customer success, HR, and more? Download our free ebook and learn “3 Ways to Unlock the Hidden Power of Email Signatures”.

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