Template Ideas For Your Email Signature

Every single employee has something in common. They all use an email signature in every one of the thousands of one-to-one email communications they send each and every year. In fact, it’s estimated that just one employee will send an average of 10,000 emails annually (think Gmail or Outlook). For an organization of 100 people, that’s over 1M emails every single year to personal contacts. For the marketer, controlling the look and feel of email signatures can be a nightmare. How do you ensure the brand is maintained throughout the signature? What about special fonts, colors, and logos?

Below, we give you some tips for your email signature template and how to manage it across your entire company. 

What Makes a Great Email Signature?

5 tips for a great email signature:

  1. Keep it short and easy to read
  2. Use primarily plain text
  3. Include social media links
  4. Be consistent across all employees
  5. Always include required information

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What Makes a Great Email Signature Better?

It’s important to have clean, readable, and properly represented email signatures across your entire company. But what if marketers could also automatically append graphic calls-to-action at the bottom of every single employee’s email signature, directing attention to the most important content or company initiatives? Sigstr makes it easy for marketers to control the message. With a few clicks in Sigstr, marketers can automatically inject a clickable image, called a campaign, to the Outlook and Gmail email signature. Campaigns are updated automatically with no IT or employee action required.

Here are 6 ideas for you to try:

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Email List Growth:

This campaign can prompt individuals to sign up for an email program to get value through your best company emails such as weekly newsletters or specific promotions. This will allow the prospects to stay in the loop on new information, while building your database of valuable opt-in email addresses.

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Whitepapers and Ebooks:

Depending on the audience, whitepapers and ebooks are a great way to keep your customers engaged by offering additional insight and thought leadership into a certain topic. Whitepapers add depth and knowledge on products and topics where you can be viewed as an expert and thought leader, and promoting these collateral pieces through email signatures shows that you care about education and innovation.

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Events & Conferences

Broadcasting upcoming events through email signatures is a smart idea if you’re trying to boost attendance over an extended period of time. Not only does it engage the email recipient, but it keeps them aware of what conferences, trade shows, job fairs, and other events your company is hosting. One of the best use cases we see is promotion of user conferences for several months leading up to the event. In some cases, the email signature campaign drove more visitors to the registration page than any other marketing tactic!

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Product Release Information

New product releases need all the publicity they can get – especially with existing customers who use your product on a regular basis. With the volume of emails being sent from employees, being able to subtly broadcast an upcoming product release that will prompt users to click and learn more is a smart way to build buzz.

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Promotional Video & Teaser

Video teasers are engaging, informative, and most of the time, fun. You can tie your promotional video teasers to almost anything, and they are a great way to disseminate information on new product releases and other events happening at your organization, or to get the word out on initiatives your company supports.

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Team Culture & HR

Email signature marketing is effective both internally and externally for providing incentives through referrals for new customers or new employees – get your network talking about why your company is a great community for employees and customers alike.

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