How Avere Systems Does Account-Based Marketing

There’s a famous quote from advertising legend John Wanamaker:

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

The allocation and attribution of advertising spend are always hot topics for marketers. We all strive to wrap our heads around how much we should spend and whether the amount we’re spending can be attributed to success. The incredible part of account-based marketing is that you can be laser-focused on where your advertising dollars are going and directly connect this amount with engagement metrics for each account.

Personally, this is one of my favorite parts about my job as a Customer Success Manager at Terminus: getting to hear the stories about how our clients are better managing their targeted advertising with account-based marketing. In Part I of our Terminator series with Avere Systems, we interviewed our client Gretchen Weaver about the importance of account-based marketing.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into how the Avere marketing team evaluates its ABM campaigns and measures results. Here are a few ways the Avere Systems team has seen success with different account-based marketing campaigns.

Announce Product and Company News

Gretchen leverages Terminus to advertise special announcements. In one case, her team chose to communicate a newly formed partnership to their existing customers. By leading individuals to a landing page that provided more information about the recent partnership, Gretchen was able to review the continued interest in the product and partner. Then, she was able to filter the accounts that engaged with this information into a campaign that showed them more tailored messaging and the information they needed in order to move them forward in the sales cycle.

Promote Upcoming Webinars

The Avere Systems team also uses Terminus to advertise their upcoming webinars. Specifically, they target companies from which contacts have recently subscribed to emails or downloaded other content, then engage other individuals within the account.

Gretchen explains that the goal is to create a halo effect within the organization to get more people involved and engaged. Here’s one example of their campaign results:

As you can see in the above graphic, Avere Systems sets the stage to truly create that halo effect by expanding, and they now reach 57 times the number of contacts that existed in their database for these target accounts.

Drive Engagement at Trade Shows and Events

The Avere Systems team has seen success with running campaigns pre-targeting companies before trade shows and other high-value events.

“We know that companies will have representatives at trade shows or large events, but we don’t necessarily know who they are,” Gretchen explained. “You then begin showing them information about your presence at the event. We had a lot of successes there.”

“In one instance, we had booth visitors from 29 of the companies we targeted [in Terminus campaigns], which is a fantastic result for us,” Gretchen shared.

Run Nurturing Campaigns

Another key use case of account-based advertising is to run nurturing campaigns. By advertising an offer congruent with the “top of the funnel” stage of the sales cycle, Gretchen’s team gets visibility into which companies are engaging with Avere Systems.

They then strategically funnel these companies that engage with the initial offer into a new campaign that displays a mid-funnel offer, such as a white paper or a more technical webinar.

“In our test, we had 17% of the respondents that we had initially targeted move forward to the next stage — from ‘top of the funnel’ to what I call ‘middle of the funnel’ in the sales cycle,” said Gretchen.

Gretchen explained how she was able to see a substantial progression of these accounts through the buyer’s journey and how her advertising spend has changed over the course of using Terminus.

“The difference between what we’re doing now and what we were doing then, is now we can know results,” she shared. “What I now know is that I’m getting those impressions from the right people, or at least the right companies or accounts, which is way more than I’ve even known before. It narrows it down, and . . . I’m not wasting those impressions or views in the wrong places.”

You can check out the full interview here:

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