Product Updates

Terminus 2019 Year in Review

It’s unsurprisingly been a busy year for Terminus, as we continue to build the most robust account-based platform on the market that allows you to target best-fit accounts, engage them across multiple channels with a personalized, relevant message, activate your sales team with best-in-class account intelligence, and measure everything you’re doing in one place.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s new to the Terminus platform in 2019.

Terminus + Sigstr = 💗

We kicked the year off in January with a deep integration that brought Sigstr’s first-party account relationship score into our Account Hub, allowing you to target and segment accounts based on how their one-to-one relationship with your brand is thriving or fading.

This led to a year of discovering new customer use cases and conversations with the team, culminating in our December announcement that Sigstr was becoming part of Terminus. This acquisition goes beyond bringing an additional engagement channel (employee signatures) into the Terminus platform. In 2020, we’ll be able to produce the most comprehensive account intelligence platform by leveraging the power of Terminus and Sigstr data together in a single account selection, prioritization, and engagement hub.

Better Account Selection with Native Data Streams

We’ve said it for years and we’ll say it again – good account-based marketing has to start with great account selection – targeting the right, high-fit accounts for your efforts (that includes customer delight and expansion!) at the right time for them. For marketers who want to take full advantage of fit, intent, and engagement data streams to always be surfacing and engaging the right accounts, 2019 was a good year.

In February we added native firmographics in Account Hub to free you from the neverending task of CRM cleanup. We followed this up in April by delivering intent natively within our platform through a partnership with B2B data industry leader Bombora so every Terminus customer has access to high-quality intent data directly available in-platform to drive engagement programs and prioritize sales and success outreach.

We followed this in June with AI-driven engagement data delivered to every account in your database, so you’re always able to catch accounts when they’re at peak engagement with your brand. Delivering this into your CRM means it’s also available to sales and customer success — and to use as a trigger for other marketing engagement channels.

And in Account Hub, this means Terminus marketers can operationalize the TOPO Account Measurement Model within their ABM Scorecard to track how effectively they’re moving target accounts through engagement and pipeline milestones — all out of the box.

Along with our Sigstr news, this makes Terminus the only account-based marketing platform to deliver fit, intent, relationship, and engagement data from a single vendor.

Better, Deeper Engagement Channels

Even as we expand our product vision to include additional channels, predictive behavioral data, and sales enablement, we know a best-in-class ad platform is still something you expect from Terminus. To that end, we rolled out a series of significant under-the-hood improvements to our ad technology that will result in:

  • Even better reach within target accounts
  • Improvements to our already best-in-class ad fraud rates to further minimize unwanted traffic
  • Better matching algorithms to identify even more cookies at your target accounts
  • Increased match rates between web sessions and their source accounts

We’re also changing the way you think about segmentation in ad tactics, with new dynamic ad nurtures so you can automatically move accounts in and out of tactics based on behavioral signals, opportunity stage, and more. 

We also heard loud and clear that you want to tell the ROI story of Terminus more easily, which is why we added view-through measurement for web visits and conversions.

Now, when an account is served an ad impression, doesn’t click the ad, but then surfaces on your website hours or days later, you’ll know about it and be able to tie that visit or conversion back to being influenced by your Terminus advertising. Quantitate the qualitative!

Better Sales Activation

ABM might stand for account-based marketing, but revenue success relies on tight partnership between marketing and sales on which accounts to target, when and how to engage them, and with what message. 

The first step in getting everyone on the same page is bringing all the good data within Terminus to your sales reps — right where they want it: in their inbox and in your CRM.

Terminus Account Insights deepens our relationship with Salesforce beyond our automated reports and ad engagement metrics, bringing actionable account intelligence to the account record. Reps can see new and active contacts, all account contacts and how they’re engaging with marketing and sales, a complete timeline of sales and marketing activities, and topics their accounts are researching online and on your site.

Beyond our new Salesforce integration, you can also surface accounts with intent and engagement for your reps via email. This weekly alert shows a rep’s owned accounts that are visiting your website at a higher than normal rate, as well as researching topics like your brand, competitor brands, and relevant industry topics online. These emails are easy to action with links to the account record page within Salesforce, as well as identifying the most active contact and when the last outreach happened.

Better Measurement

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. And to take that one step farther, you also can’t repeat it or prove that you should keep doing it. As marketing becomes less responsible for tossing leads over the fence to sales and more responsible for creating pipeline and influencing revenue, it’s important for your account-based platform to track and measure everything you’re doing and help you report it to marketing and executive leadership.

Our first 2019 step to more comprehensive measurement was driven from our 2018 acquisition of BrightFunnel. 

Our Account Scorecard gives an executive-level view of how marketing activities are influencing pipeline, accelerating deals, driving account engagement, and moving more accounts to closed won.

Opportunity Journey helps you see at a micro level what influenced a specific deal, why a deal died, what personas became involved in a deal and when, and what you should replicate across more deals. Opportunity Insights takes the macro approach, showing you all the deals and letting you segment based on campaign responses, source campaign, and more.

Campaign Analytics gives you a channel view, showing how much pipeline and revenue your programs are generating. You can filter to see only pre- or post-opportunity influence, as well as which channels are driving leads from a first-touch or opportunities from a last-touch perspective. You can also dig in on specific channels to understand which programs were included that make up the greater whole.

Our Marketing Influence Report, announced as part of our Fall Release, gives that overall view of how your marketing programs are influencing pipeline and revenue. Look back to see how marketing helped sales close deals and look ahead to make sure your open pipeline has appropriate marketing coverage across channels. This report also serves as a great jumping off point to Opportunity Insights and Campaign Analytics.

If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to catch up on what we accomplished in 2019. 2020 will be an even bigger year for us as we continue to expand our data and channel partnerships in order to make Terminus the best account-based orchestration platform in the market.

Onto next year!