Terminus Acquires GrowFlare to Give B2B Marketers the Data They’ve Been Missing

It happens all the time in our personal lives: Instagram gives you an ad for the thing you never knew you desperately needed. Spotify suggests a song that makes it to your “BEST JAMZ ALL YEAR” playlist. Netflix recommends a show that you spend your entire weekend binge watching. Us B2B marketers over here though, what do we get? To be honest, we end up getting that stuff too, only three to five years later. And, right on cue, it has finally arrived: Terminus Nation is extremely excited to announce that we’ve acquired GrowFlare, a innovative psychographic account profiling solution that puts an entirely new type of real-time data at marketers’ fingertips.

Here’s our CEO, Tim Kopp, chatting with Growflare’s CEO, Matt Belkin, about what this means for Terminus customers and modern B2B marketing at large.

If you’re reading this you’re probably a B2B marketing or sales person and you might not be familiar with “psychographics,” so here’s the Wikipedia page. Basically, it’s data about your interests and values that is produced by your behavior– things like your buying patterns, the websites you visit, the people and brands you follow on social, your Pinterest pins, etc. It’s why consumer marketing is so spooky-good these days. How would a B2B marketer go about using psychographic data for their target account strategy?

Well, GrowFlare figured that out. They use AI and natural language processing (NLP) to scan psychographic-rich sources for companies like websites, social media, government filings, job listings, and other publicly available information to build unique profiles for tens of millions of companies. Then, because the people at GrowFlare are geniuses, they figured out how to use these psychographic profiles to identify the key characteristics that are common across your favorite customers (or any set of companies you want to identify). From there you can find brand new accounts that match up to your customers, the new product you’re launching, the vertical-specific case study you’re about to drop, and so on. Enter your favorite customer into GrowFlare and it will spit out hundreds of companies that think and act just like they do, instantly.

Because GrowFlare is always mining, this data is dynamically updated as companies change their in-market messages, making it usable as an incredible source of intent data as well. Instead of passive or “inferred” intent that’s harvested through publishers or bidstream data, it’s “observed” intent. That means you can see which companies are interested in what topics because they’re actually saying it out loud. If you’re a data-driven marketer, this should make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up because you know this primary data is a powerful signal coming directly from the accounts you want to target.

For Terminus customers, this is also going to bring sales and marketing closer together. Your friends in sales will receive alerts about accounts that are starting to become interested in different things, almost as if it was trending on Twitter. They’ll be able to understand the most important focuses for those businesses, the psychographic topics that are trending, and just how serious they are about those focuses. They’ll know who to reach out to, when to do it, and what to say to deliver a beautifully personalized experience.

We’re also excited to welcome the entire GrowFlare team to Terminus Nation, including SaaS veteran Matt Belkin. Matt has spent the last 25 years scaling some of the most successful software companies in the world, like Adobe, Omniture, and most recently, Domo where he was the Chief Operating Officer.

When you combine this data with the volumes of data that already exists between Terminus (firmographics, Bombora intent, account activity, and relationships) and your CRM, you won’t find a more extensive set of B2B data available to marketers in one place. It’s an extremely interesting time to be a marketer and for Terminus customers even more so. We’re so excited to introduce GrowFlare and the team behind it to you! Read the press release here. If you want to learn more about GrowFlare and learn how it can help you, chat with us here.