Terminus Announces Strategic Partnership with Intelligent Demand

Have you heard the good news? Terminus just announced a strategic partnership with Intelligent Demand, an award-winning revenue growth agency, to equip more marketing leaders with the strategy, execution, and technology they need to exceed their pipeline and revenue goals.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Intelligent Demand because it gives our growing customer base direct access to one of the world’s leading ABM agencies,” said Dan Griffin, our Director of Strategic Alliances. “Not only do they deeply understand our platform, they know how to use Terminus to drive measurable growth inside of their customized acquisition, retention, expansion, and brand programs. Their experience and proven approach are invaluable for marketing teams who are either piloting or scaling ABM.”

We’re big on the idea of being better together, and this partnership is no different. With Intelligent Demand, we’ll be able to help more marketing and sales teams reach the right customers at the right time, with the best message — ultimately enabling more marketers to reach their pipeline and revenue goals.

Terminus and Intelligent Demand have a lot in common — we’re passionate about helping marketers strategize and execute ABM programs, first and foremost. Together, we’ll help customers target the right accounts with dynamic data and account intelligence, engage target accounts with cohesive multi-channel campaigns, activate sales by separating signal from noise, and measure the revenue outcomes that matter.

“ABM is now table-stakes for B2B marketing leaders who are tasked with driving growth. Our partnership with Terminus is exciting because their platform strengthens our ability to help marketing teams establish, scale, and drive revenue with integrated account-based programs,” said Mike Swainey, Intelligent Demand Senior Director of Marketing, Sales, and Business Development. “By partnering with a true leader in this space, we not only have access to a world-class, end-to-end ABM intelligence, engagement, and analytics platform, but Terminus clients will have the benefit of working with our full team of revenue growth experts to help them design, execute, and optimize effective revenue growth programs.”

Moreover, Intelligent Demand is focused on addressing the common ABM problems that Terminus solves, like misalignment between marketing and sales, bad data, holes in the tech stack and inaccurate target audiences. In joining forces with Terminus, our shared target customers will have access to the best — the best, most robust data, the best implementation tools, and the most complete reporting. 

We’re passionate about helping marketers scale account-based programs, align tightly with sales, and drive real revenue results through this partnership, and are thrilled to continue and expand our mission with Intelligent Demand!

Interested in learning more? Explore Terminus and Intelligent Demand.