Deepwatch hits revenue goals faster with Terminus

As your partner in ABM, our mission is to help you get to ROI faster. We understand that efficiency is the name of the game and when time and budgets are limited, optimizing the entire revenue flywheel is more important than ever. We’ve become an extension of your team, working together to close revenue gaps and leverage intent signals that will help your GTM team move the needle and we’re just getting started!

Terminus Advantages

G2 Spring Reports: Terminus Wins Against 6Sense in 80+ Categories

Terminus Launches New Product to Fill Pipeline Gap - Prospect Engine

Terminus Maximizes Ad Spend for Marketers with Less Than 3% Fraud Rate

Fastest time to ROI

Better targeting, world-class intent data, and the ability to scale and report on campaigns give you the insight you need to boost performance and increase ROI. Did we mention Terminus has proven to deliver ROI faster than our competitors? We hang our hat on a fast path to value. Ask your CSM for a meeting to discuss your ROI calculator to dive deeper! 

According to G2’s Spring Compare Reports, there is a potential Deepwatch wouldn’t see ROI until September if you switch to a competitor. 

An extension of your team

Terminus was built by marketers, for marketers. Whatever your role, we have the tools and team to help you succeed, the data you need to prove it, and we can get more programs across the funnel running faster than our competitors. We are an extension of your team, to help ensure your campaigns are up quickly, and achieving the goals that you’ve set for the program. 

Based on G2’s Spring Compare Reports, Terminus’ implementation time is 1 month faster than both of our main competitors. 

Don’t take our word for it.

Ad Network Integrations
Sales Activation
Real-time intent

Terminus vs. 6Sense Key Differentiators

Did you know that by working with a platform with fewer guardrails against brand safety and fraud, Deepwatch could have paid for ad impressions to bot traffic and unsuitable sites upwards of $81k.

With lower ad fraud and cost-per-mille (CPM) rates, Terminus customers consistently save money on ad fraud loss while achieving better targeting and reach on campaigns.

Why Terminus?

Reason #1

We’re more than just a platform.

We’re the only ABM platform with a full service team. Need help fixing or enhancing your CRM data? Our data services team has your back. Need help designing ads that catch your buyer’s eyes? Our in-house creative team has created thousands of ads that get results. We support teams of all needs and sizes, from strategy to tactical execution. 

Reason #2

Reporting has never been easier.

Measure your multi-channel ABM program alongside the rest of your marketing strategy to showcase how your team is directly impacting pipeline and revenue. From board-level dashboards to campaign-specific reporting, Terminus Measurement Studio helps you measure and improve your entire strategy.

Reason #3

Solving revenue gaps as a team

No single team can single-handedly close your revenue gap. But alignment between sales, marketing, customer experience, and operations will. When you combine your go-to-market team with our expertise on moving the needle around the entire revenue flywheel, you’ll find your business optimizing GTM at every stage with precision.

The right intent data at the right time

With so many different types of intent, it’s important not to create too much noise for marketing and sales. While intent keywords show keyword interaction, they don’t take context into consideration. It’s been proven time and time again that keyword intent alone leads to a lower-quality signal, and wasted marketing and sales resources.

Topic-based intent with Terminus, however, ensures that you’re only seeing accounts that are showing meaningful intent signals of the highest quality. It’s the difference between a buyer searching one keyword and a buyer doing meaningful research on relevant websites across a more comprehensive list of topics. Only one of these gives you the full picture.

We bring together first-party data like web engagement along with third-party intent signals so that you’ll know when your key ICP accounts are ready to buy.

Brand Awareness Build Pipeline Pipeline Acceleration Retention Expansion

There is still room to grow with Terminus!

  • Brand Awareness
  • Build Pipeline
  • Accelerate Pipeline
  • Retain Customers
  • Expand Customers
Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

“We were initially very focused on awareness campaigns, and as we build out more of that full-funnel approach, the awareness metrics we saw were really impressive. We were able to increase the number of activated accounts (meaning they’ve visited our website in the last 90 days) by 136%, which is way better than we expected. We set a really ambitious goal to get half of our target accounts active on our website and ended up getting 56% of them there.” – Head of Marketing, Array

Build Pipeline

Build Pipeline

“There were enterprise accounts that the team was trying to get in the pipeline for years. After just a few months of launching ABM, we had seven multi-million-dollar accounts in the funnel. When you look at the difference between traditional marketing and account-based marketing, I think the power of ABM speaks for itself.” – Emma Monro, Agency Found & Chosen,

Accelerate Pipeline

Accelerate Pipeline

“With Terminus, we’ve validated a 6x lift in pipeline, a 4x increase of opportunities, and a 33% increase in average deal size.” – Jen Leaver

Retain Customers

Retain Customers

“We finally have a global solution for our customer data that enables us to implement a proactive digital experience for renewal and expansion without worrying about data quality and governance. The result is higher digital revenue growth and an improved NPS.” – Director, Digital CX Team

Expand Customers

Expand Customers

“Autodesk is a large enterprise with 40+ product offerings. The ABM approach allows us to create customized, multi-channel marketing touch points that are targeted to key accounts to help our customers grow their businesses with the right Autodesk products and capabilities. We leverage ABM strategies and practices to closely align with our sales team on achieving major business goals, including breaking into new accounts as well as expansion, upsell, cross sell, and renewals.” – Jessie Wu, Head of Account-Based Marketing, Autodesk

Big Stats, Big Wins

How has Array done after their first year with Terminus targeting 250 accounts?