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Account-based marketing simply means smarter, more efficient, more effective marketing. This happens through data-driven targeting, personalized marketing tactics across multiple channels, measuring success, and continuously optimizing.

Take Action to Grow Your Pipeline:

What’s the difference between prospecting-based ABM with intent vs. engagement-based ABM with target accounts? Proactively engaging your target accounts allows marketers to create more pipeline.

Target Accounts

Intent & prospecting based ABM

  • Primarily ‘intent’ accounts
  • Reactive engagement
  • Sales is the primary driver
  • Top of funnel focus

Target account & engagement based ABM

  • Intent and target accounts
  • Proactive engagement
  • Marketing activities drive pipeline
  • Full-funnel engagement

Native Multi-Channel Engagement Drives More Results

Creating connected account experiences increases intent, engagement, and drives more pipeline. Top marketers today use these channels together:

  • Proactive display advertising
  • Retargeting
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Premium audio + video advertising
  • Conversational marketing
  • Email signature marketing
  • Web personalization
Terminus channel examples

ABM at scale means better marketing

Marketing teams who execute personalized campaigns with more relevant content, messaging, and insight prove to be the most successful. ABM and better marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, get started today with these helpful resources.


The outbound team is the catalyst of any account-based program. By making warm, informed outreach based on which accounts are engaging with your brand – and what they’re interested in – this team can use Terminus to convert marketing’s hard work into new opportunities for the sales team.

  1. Use firmographic information, first-party data, and third-party data for one-to-many, one-to-few, one-to-one, and intent-based lists.
  2. Marketing creates compelling, personalized campaigns that are relevant for each of these target lists.
  3. These accounts take notice of these marketing messages and start engaging with your brand.
  4. Terminus alerts Outbound reps who can then:
    • Instantly follow up right then and there with Terminus Chat.
    • Craft a thoughtful and personalized email or call based on their activity.
  5. Precise targeting and specific messaging leads to better engagement and, ultimately, more booked meetings.
Terminus for Outbound resource

The Modern Guide to Outbound Sales and Marketing

Terminus for Outbound resource

Sales Development Reps Book 60% More Demos When Their Teams Use Terminus.

Terminus for Outbound resource

How To Use Terminus To: Book More Meetings With Your Sales Dev Team


ABM is not just marketing, it’s your entire revenue team working together to create a connected account experience. Terminus allows sales reps to work smarter with powerful data and new ways to engage prospects showing activity.

Actionable Insights

  • Pinpoint exactly which businesses are actively researching your products and services.
  • Uncover signals about these businesses and what they want to hear from you.
  • Identify and target accounts who are already in-market with built-in, compliant intent data; and execute multi-channel campaigns immediately.
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Intent Signals

  • Find accounts that are in-market through a combination of firmographic and psychographic data, native to the Terminus platform.
  • Personalize outreach to prospects and strike while the iron is hot.
  • Integrations with G2 and Bombora are available to provide sales reps with even more intent data.
Terminus intent screenshot

See Your Accounts’ Buying Journey

  • Leverage account intelligence for prioritization, personalization, and coordination.
  • See the full picture of how your accounts are engaging with your brand.
  • Visualize an account’s unique buying journey with a timeline mapping marketing and sales touchpoints and engagement.
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Customer Marketing

Retain, expand, and upsell your customers by targeting the right high-value accounts with data. Drive engagement through personalized, multi-channel campaigns and follow that up with personalized outreach from the customer success team. Then measure, optimize, and prove your customer marketing impact…all within Terminus.

Terminus How To Guide: Retain, Expand, and Upsell Customers

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Retention Is the New Acquisition

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5 ABM Campaign Ideas For Customer Retention and Expansion

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  • Create target account lists based on churn signals.
  • Engage decision makers and end users with meaningful resources and relevant messaging.
  • Activate your support and customer success teams so they can follow up accordingly and proactively work towards the renewal date.

Expand + Upsell

  • Strategically promote a new product feature or service offering by segmenting customer lists by company size, personas, or product utilization.
  • Get your brand in front of new decision makers with a multi-channel, targeted approach.
  • Set up an engagement spike and account insights so the customer success team knows which accounts are engaging with your brand, who within those accounts, and when.