Terminus Introduces Free Data Audits to Improve B2B GTM Data Accuracy

Every marketing experience is dependent on data.

But, only 12% of marketers are confident in their data.

Think about that. 88% of marketers don’t trust the very data they use to influence every marketing decision and customer experience they plan and execute. That’s insane.

Which is exactly why Terminus acquired Zylotech and launched Terminus CDP making us the only ABM platform with a standalone CDP (customer data platform) that is purpose-built to solve this massive industry issue.

With the Terminus CDP working behind the scenes for customers, marketers can trust that their account and contact level data is always precisely accurate. Plus, their data will grow with them as Terminus CDP automatically discovers new contact and account data necessary to scale ABM efforts. We pioneered ABM, we know first-hand it begins and ends with data.

Today, we’re pumped to follow-up this big news with the roll out of free data audits for anyone – Terminus customer or not – that would like to better understand their data gaps, and learn how to fix them.

Through Terminus CDP, our free data audit analyzes CRM data with a 60-point inspection to uncover data inaccuracies, incomplete account and contact information, and discover new buying committees. B2B CRM data is painfully inaccurate, and manual efforts to clean, deduplicate and activate are slow and expensive, and data accuracy immediately starts to diminish. This leaves GTM teams with poor conversion rates, an incomplete view of buying committees, and misleading ROI. According to the 2020 State of CRM Data Management report, inaccurate CRM data can lower revenue by more than 20 percent.

The Terminus CDP solves these issues with a complete suite of solutions including audit, cleanse, enrich, and data management backed by the industry’s largest global network of decision makers and buying committees. Terminus CDP includes:

  • Audit: Uncover and compare accuracy against industry benchmarks to understand CRM data gaps.
  • Cleanse: Continuously cleanse essential GTM data including accounts, buying committees, and brand hierarchies. No more manual scrubbing.
  • Enrich: Discover new buyers at target accounts and automatically fix data inaccuracies. Gain the confidence that all GTM systems are using the most accurate, up-to-date data.
  • Manage: Continuously maintain consistent data integrity across target accounts and buying committees with always-on, persistent Universal ID.

With Terminus CDP, customers are seeing up to a 300% increase in lead conversions, 97% accuracy in contact and lead data, and a dramatic reduction in campaign error rates of 20% down to 2%.

That’s because Terminus is the only ABM vendor with both an embedded and standalone CDP, as validated by Forrester in the New Tech B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q3 2021 Report. When it comes to embedded CDPs vs standalone CDPs and the benefits to customers, the most poignant benefit is that you get all the breadth and power of a standalone CDP, but also the simplicity and ease of use that embedded CDP’s offer. All this means you get the best of both worlds – the most powerful tools to fix and manage your data accuracy, and the ease of use that empowers you to take action within our ABM platform.

To sign up for your free data audit, or to see Terminus CDP in action, reach out to us here.