Press Release

Terminus Launches New Curated Go-to-Market Data Solution

ABM pioneer adds intelligent, human-verified data to surface unknown accounts and contacts showing buying signals in partnership with Bombora

ATLANTA & INDIANAPOLIS, March 21, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Terminus, the leading account centric platform for revenue growth, today launches Prospect Engine, a new data solution to uncover previously unknown, high-quality accounts and contacts showing in-market buying signals. Terminus has long been an ABM leader with deep roots in B2B marketing. Together with Bombora, the leader in B2B Intent data, Terminus now offers powerful data to the entire go-to-market (GTM) team coupled with best-in-breed advertising and the most native engagement channels available. 

“Legacy data providers wreak havoc on go-to-market strategies with high volume, low accuracy data, resulting in inaccurate assumptions and wasted resources. It’s essentially a modern version of a phone book,” said Carter Lassy, chief product officer at Terminus. 

“With Terminus Prospect Engine, we’re offering a powerful caller ID that not only identifies incoming and missed calls, but most importantly, identifies and prioritizes the calls that need to happen next. With the highest quality in-market account and contact data mapped exactly to their ICPs, Terminus customers can better solve their go-to-market challenges and prioritize the right prospects and customers to deliver efficient revenue growth,” said Lassy. 

The new data solution from Terminus features:

  • Trustworthy B2B go-to-market data: Human-curated data eliminates the gaps and inaccuracies found with other data providers, as well as industry-leading contact recency with 90-day contact-level data verification. 
  • Intelligent B2B graph: A signal-first graph of more than 8 million companies and 32 million decision-makers with full profile information is enriched with firmographics, technographics and contact details. 
  • High-priority account and contact discovery: Companies and contacts outside of a CRM that meet a company’s defined ICP and are showing in-market buying signals. 
  • Market-leading intent data: Intent topics and research spikes identified by Bombora are ingested into the Terminus identity graph.

Bombora data will be available as a part of Terminus Prospect Engine: Account Discovery Premium Edition. For GTM teams looking to take the first step into identifying unknown accounts, Terminus will also offer a free edition of Prospect Engine leveraging first-party data. Terminus Prospect Engine: Account Discovery Free Edition identifies anonymous accounts visiting a customer’s website via first-party data and prioritizes them via custom account scoring. While an account discovery service has long been available to Terminus customers, the company will now offer this entry-level account discovery option for free to all new and current customers. 

“Terminus customers already leverage Bombora’s reliable, relevant and regulation-compliant Intent data to create integrated ABM campaigns to their known accounts,” said Erik Matlick, CEO and founder of Bombora. “By ingesting that data into Terminus’ powerful graph and uncovering high-quality net new accounts, Terminus Prospect Engine unlocks an entirely new strategic advantage at a time when go-to-market teams need it most.” 

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