The Next Generation: Terminus & LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Integration

Learn from our customers who are taking advantage of this new integration and how to upgrade your ABM strategy to generate more pipeline!

This new enhancement offers better account matching and targeting, campaign-level reporting, and access to additional ad formats. The possibilities are endless. All ad formats from conversations and video to sponsored content are available within LinkedIn Editor.

Corrina Owens, Director of Marketing, and Head of ABM and Demand Generation at Profisee, and Jennifer Leaver, Sr. Marketing Manager, Demand Generation and Global ABM at Bazaarvoice, shared their experience with Terminus’s LinkedIn Marketing Solutions integration. In this blog, they explain their strategies and highlight examples of live ads they are running.

Corrina Owens on Integrating Terminus Within Your Go-to-Market

There are three main segments marketers should consider with their go to market strategy: attract, engage, and convert.


At Profisee, we begin building our audience within our CRM Salesforce, collaborating with sales, and layering in additional technographic and demographic data within Terminus, to segment and tier our lists. This gives us the ability to measure performance as our contacts move through the funnel.


The engage phase is focused on “listening signals”, based on what our prospects are doing inside of the funnel. We measure this through content, interaction with the website, and the buyer’s overall actions across the web. One of the key intent tools we utilize is Bombora which helps us to better understand where prospects might be in their journeys. While we wish the funnel journey was simple, the reality is that it can zig-zag and be unpredictable at times. It is super important, then, that marketers and sales leaders have data they can access in real-time. This real-time data push between Terminus and LinkedIn allows us to be much more targeted in our advertising.


At this stage in the funnel, we have built up brand awareness with our prospect across multiple digital channels. Now, our goal is to bring them back to our website and have them experience content designed specifically for their account or a particular buyer. We customize the content experience on our site – be that a landing page or a hyper-targeted chatbot, to be laser focused on how we can solve the data challenges that particular account is facing and how we are best equipped to solve it.

The connection between Terminus and LinkedIn enables me to provide our current and prospective customers with a seamless and connected content experience within the channels where they consume the most content.

Jen Leaver on Terminus and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn is unique because our audience is incredibly engaged there. In other words, that is where my prospects live, consume information that helps their careers, and share updates with their networks. There is so much opportunity to utilize LinkedIn for any B2B-centric ABM strategy. The integration makes it much easier for my team to scale our strategies and segment our account lists.

Our game plan echoes Corrina’s in that all of our ads at Bazaarvoice (see below) are powered by buyer intent data that we gather using the combined power of Bombora and Terminus. This is how we serve the most targeted and relevant ads to prospects. It is also cost-effective and increases conversion rates because we are not wasting ad spend on accounts that are not showing compelling buyer intent signals.

1: Many Ads (TOFU)

Typically, these ads provide broader air coverage and are served early in the buying process to address high-level pain points. Here, we use a mixture of gated and ungated content depending on the campaign or account list in question.

1: Few (MOFU)

A lot of the content we serve up to accounts, including industry or persona clusters, is ungated at this point. We want to allow them to binge the content they need without the added pressure of a form fill. Educating these buyers takes priority so you want the content to speak to their exact needs and concerns. Similar to Corrina, we usually guide our prospects to customized, branded landing pages in order to foster engagement.

1:1 Ads

These are 100% account-specific and will drive prospects to customized content experiences. We use a combination of calling out the specific account name and stakeholders there that are crucial to engage in a conversation.


Corrina Owens

Connectivity across all of your platforms leads to proven results. In addition to realizing time efficiency through streamlined account and campaign segmentation, you are also providing a much better experience for your prospects.

As a direct result of this integration, we can push content programs to prospects at the most opportune times, which has increased overall pipeline generation. Our quarter-over-quarter new business pipeline increased by 96% since we implemented Terminus’s integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Since we are reaching an engaged audience on LinkedIn with more targeted content, our CTR is much higher (.25-.5%) across all ad formats on the platform.

The integration’s real-time data feed is everything. It enables us to push content programs when prospects are focused on one particular intent topic. We have found a lot of success targeting these prospects using LinkedIn’s conversational ads with a high-value offer to incentivize prospects to speak with us.

Since data moves between the two platforms easily, campaign building and data analysis are faster and more accurate. I can go into our LinkedIn Campaign Builder, transfer data and lists in a few clicks, and feel confident that we are placing accounts into the right programs. Then, I can hop into the Terminus platform (basically where I eat, sleep, and breathe data analysis!) and measure campaign results and optimize for success.

Jen Leaver

GDPR has made it harder to break into new EMEA markets using targeted display ads. However, with this new integration, we can expand our reach across targeted regions globally to build preference and consideration. As a result, we are seeing high engagement rates in EMEA especially since we can serve up ads in native languages.

Simply put, we could not imagine a simpler way to improve our ABM strategy and generate a stronger pipeline.

Terminus on Terminus

At Terminus, we practice what we preach! As a company that markets to ABM strategists, lead generation gurus, and campaign building experts, there is no better place to connect with our audience than within LinkedIn. Our Demand Generation Manager, Matt Barudin, could not wait to give this new integration a try in order to expand his own demand generation efforts.
Matt leveraged the integration to promote our LinkedIn Marketing Solutions + Terminus webinar to our existing customers. In other words, he used the integration to promote a webinar all about how to utilize the integration!

Check out Matt’s playbook for driving key accounts and contacts to our LinkedIn Marketing Solutions + Terminus webinar:

  1. We started in Terminus Ad Experiences, which automatically connected to our LinkedIn Campaign Builder account.
  2. Within Terminus Data Studio, we used global filters based on attributes like account type and account status to build targeted lists of customers who can use this new integration today.
  3. Once we built our lists within Terminus Ad Experiences, we migrated them into our LinkedIn Campaign builder with just a few clicks.
  4. Once we migrated our lists, we could then hone in on specific personas via job seniority and title parameters and quickly see a breakdown of the estimated audience for each campaign to see our ads promoting the webinar.
  5. We utilized a single image display ad within these campaigns but had the option of selecting any ad format , including video and conversational.


The enhanced Terminus and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions integration offers expanded list capacity, support for all LinkedIn ad formats, improved match rates, and the ability to create audiences to engage across multiple campaigns within LinkedIn.