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Terminus Maximizes Ad Spend for Marketers with Less Than 3% Fraud Rate

Terminus’ leading ad solution expands reach, increases targeting and delivers higher return on ad spend during economic downturn

ATLANTA & INDIANAPOLIS, January 24, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Terminus, the leading account centric platform for revenue growth, announces industry-leading ad fraud rates of less than 3%, enabling marketers to achieve higher returns on one of their largest investments: ad spend.

According to Terminus’ new ABM Benchmark Report: B2B Digital Advertising which offers best practices for branding, messaging and imagery, other ABM platforms report an average of 8-20% ad fraud rates. The total cost of ad fraud exceeded $81 billion in 2022, and is expected to increase to $100 billion by 2023, according to Statista research. With lower ad fraud and cost-per-mille (CPM) rates, Terminus customers consistently save money on ad fraud loss while achieving better targeting and reach on campaigns.

“Ad spend is always one of the largest line items for CMOs. But because marketers are under intense budget scrutiny, missing the mark on ad performance isn’t an option,” said Natalie Cunningham, chief marketing officer of Terminus. “Terminus has the lowest ad fraud rate on the market. And we deliver a higher reach and ROI for marketers, maximizing spend and driving meaningful revenue outcomes. Whether they’re targeting consumers or buying committees — marketers can reach the right audience with the right content at the right time with Terminus.”

To help marketers deliver more effective, targeted ads, Terminus gathered unique insights about the anatomy of high-performing ad campaigns in its report. It uncovers trends in ad copy, creative, format and channel strategies that maximize revenue impact.

Key insights from Terminus’ new ABM Benchmark Report: B2B Digital Advertising include:

  • Email and LinkedIn increase ROI for marketers. While ads in outgoing email signatures carry no cost for placement or clicks, they have the highest click-through rate at .50% to .80%. LinkedIn ads may carry a higher price tag of up to $30 per CPM, but these ads are highly targeted across demographics, industries, company sizes and more and carry click-through rates of up to .60%.
  • Use messaging and CTAs to differentiate the brand. An ABM strategy gets ads in front of the right audience, but the content still matters. Marketers should create concise value propositions and CTAs, using fewer words while encouraging readers to learn more on a landing page or marketing resource. Marketers should also differentiate messages based on audience segmentation to increase engagement, use impactful callouts like customer quotes to demonstrate a solution’s effectiveness and align messaging with overall campaign goals.
  • Choose images and colors wisely. While graphics remain popular, marketers should consider using photos of people because of the ads’ higher click-through rates. Blue, black, and green background colors perform best.

Terminus offers access to over 100 ad networks, including over 7,000 private marketplace deals and premium channels like connected TV (CTV), audio and video. The company was recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Advertising Solutions, Q3 2022 report.

For more information about how Terminus creates differentiated ad experiences, visit Access the full ABM Benchmark Report: B2B Digital Advertising here.