Terminus + Slack Integration Overview: Streamline Your Conversational Marketing Workflow

How many sales tools do you use in a day? According to Smart Selling Tools’ most recent sales technology benchmark survey, the median number of sales tools used is nine.* That is a lot of technology to manage – and it is impacting the effectiveness of each tool.

When it comes to conversational marketing, it is crucial to connect with your prospects and customers at the exact moment they are reaching out. Even just a slight delay can result in a lost deal. But we know how difficult it can be to monitor multiple communication tools, especially when you’re depending on fickle web browser notifications. So we’re changing things up.

We are very excited to announce our new Slack integration for Chat Experiences. The integration will help streamline your chat workflow by allowing you to conduct full chat conversations directly in Slack, eliminating the need to closely monitor our platform.

Let’s dive into how it all works!

Conduct Your Entire Chat Conversation Directly in Slack

If you’re like us, you already spend a good chunk of time in Slack. Connect your Chat Experiences to your Slack and make it a one-stop shop for all things chat. Our integration is more than just a notification. It enables you to host all of your chats in either a Slack channel or direct message.

Use the built-in shortcuts to book meetings and collect information from your chat visitors. All of the data, including the entire back and forth conversation, will automatically push back into Chat Experiences (and the mobile app). Pick up the conversation from anywhere without disturbing the visitor experience. At the end of the chat, you will have the opportunity to indicate how qualified the lead is like usual.

Leverage Flexible Routing Abilities

You are in control of who receives instant Slack notifications and where the notifications are sent. Using the flexible routing abilities, you can select to push notifications to a routing group, an individual account owner, or even a global channel.

  • Routing Group: Within your routing group settings in Chat Experiences, you can now add a Slack channel. Chat Experiences will then push all notifications for the routing group into the respective Slack channel and “@” mention the members of the routing group.
  • Individual Account Owner: When an identified target account initiates a conversation on your website, Chat Experiences notifications can be directed to the assigned account owner with our account-based routing capabilities. These account-based notifications will be sent to the account owner’s Slack direct messages.
  • Global Channel: For smaller teams that do not need to utilize multiple routing groups, we’ve added the ability to easily send all chat notifications to one dedicated Slack channel of your choosing.

Get Started Today!

The Slack Integration is available to all current Chat Experiences users that also use Slack. Talk to your team’s Terminus Chat admin and share this article to discover more integration details and learn how you can set up the Slack Integration to streamline your conversational marketing workflow.

Interested in the Slack integration and becoming a Chat Experiences customer? Let’s chat!