Terminus Teams with Campaign Stars to “Rid B2B of Bad Leads”

Terminus is excited to announce that it has partnered with Campaign Stars, a customer acquisition platform for B2B brands. 

Like Terminus, Campaign Stars sees the inefficiency the traditional marketing funneling. Focused on fighting the 1% conversion rate of prospects to revenue, Terminus and Campaign Stars will help marketers target the right customers with the right message, at the right time — using the right (and best) tools.

“We believe that the world of B2B is stuck in the 90s. We think it’s laughable that in order to solve a problem sales and marketing professionals have to seek out a technology vendor, human capital vendors and then build an internal team capable of integrating what ultimately they have to build as a solution to their problem. We’ve seen countless examples in the consumer world, including Uber and Airbnb, of a solution to an entire need. We are creating the same level of experience for our brands,” says Henry Bruckstein, Founder, Campaign Stars.

Driving Campaign Stars’ campaign to help B2B marketers adopt account-based strategies is Bruckstein’s simple mission statement: “No bad leads!” Like Terminus, Campaign Stars knows that by identifying and targeting only the leads that are most likely to turn into revenue, companies can stop chasing everything in their pipeline and realize record revenue growth. To help their clients best achieve this goal, they’ve partnered with leading MarTech solutions like Terminus. 

“Our solutions provide an overall answer to our customer’s need for growth. It doesn’t take a genius to see how we can overturn what marketers can expect from their pipeline when combined with best in class programs and technology integrations,” Dan Griffin, Director of Strategic Alliances, Terminus.

Founded in 2015, Campaign Stars helps its B2B clients execute their targeted outreach efforts. As the focus of sales and marketing has shifted to revenue growth, Campaign Stars has led the charge for clients like Adobe, Avaya, Zendesk, Fortinet, RingCentral, Fonteva, Kelly Services, and FireEye.

Interested in learning more? Explore Terminus and Campaign Stars.