Terminus Wins Small Business, Big Bang Award at Vidyard #Viewtopia16

Terminus Wins Small Business, Big Bang Award at Vidyard's #Viewtopia16

Terminus is thrilled we won a Video Marketing Award (yes — a VMA) for Small Business, Big Bang at Vidyard’s annual Viewtopia conference!

Terminus won the VMA for Small Business, Big Bang at Vidyard #Viewtopia16
“Video has become the medium of choice for modern marketers to engage, entertain and educate their audiences,” said Vidyard CEO and co-founder Michael Litt in the official press release. “They are creating incredible high-quality content, measuring its performance and using detailed analytics to turn viewers into customers and revenue for their organizations. And the results are coming whether the organizations are large or small, whether the videos highly produced or done on a budget. These winners prove the power of video to connect with audiences and improve the bottom line.”

Terminus Onstage at Vidyard #Viewtopia16

In the category for “Small Business, Big Bang,” Terminus was a finalist along with Synthio and Xenex. Here are a few reasons why we’re pumped to bring home the golden V-Bot (originally published on Vidyard’s 2016 Video Marketing Awards recap blog).

When Terminus, an account-based marketing platform, first started using Vidyard and video in 2015, account-based marketing was just a buzzword for B2B marketers. Terminus wanted to go beyond the buzz and build a category for ABM.

“Their CMO, Sangram Varje, came up with the concept of #FlipMyFunnel, turning the traditional lead generation funnel on its head by laser-focusing on best-fit contacts and customers for marketing.

“For the Terminus brand, video has been such a huge part of their ABM strategy and success. Sangram and his team have produced eight customer video testimonials this year, with four more in production.

“One secret to their success with customer testimonials is integrating Vidyard with Uberflip to track engagement on case studies in their Hub. This unique stream of content has proven to be one of the most valuable assets for their sales team to use, especially to progress opportunities faster through the pipeline. Sales development reps have also started producing their own personalized videos to use in outreach.”

Want to learn more about how Terminus aligns video with our account-based marketing strategy? Here’s the presentation Sangram gave at Vidyard’s #Viewtopia16!

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If you missed Viewtopia this year, don’t worry — you’ll have the chance to attend another amazing marketing event in December. The #FlipMyFunnel Conference is returning to Atlanta on December 9th, and we’d love to see you there. Bonus: Vidyard is a sponsor of the event, and they’ll be sharing their video marketing wisdom at their booth!

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