Testing Campaign Creative With the Email Signature

As a brand marketer, launching a new creative campaign can be intimidating – especially if you’re unsure that the creative, message, and call-to-action will resonate with the end audience. You’ve spent so much time leading your team in the development of campaign creative, whether it be for a new content series, a whitepaper, an event, or even a new brand identity, that you want it to be successful when it goes live.
But how do you currently test your campaigns before deploying them? There are ways to do this, but usually require a lot of effort, such as paying for a LinkedIn Sponsored Content A/B test where you pay each time someone clicks, or you test with a larger market segment via an email campaign that your team develops. While these methods can work, they tend to be costly and take a significant amount of time – which usually isn’t available when launching a new campaign.
Think about this: every single one of the employees in your company has something in common. They all use an email signature in every one of the thousands of one-to-one email communications they send each and every year. In fact, it’s estimated that just one employee will send an average of 10,000 emails annually (think Gmail or Outlook). For an organization of 100 people, that’s over 1M emails every single year to personal contacts.
The email signature can be a powerful way for marketers to take their campaign idea to the market, at scale, and test campaign creatives.
Test Creative with the Email Signature
Email signature marketing powers smart marketing through email signatures. Sigstr is an example of a SaaS email signature marketing provider that drives brand compliance and unlocks the marketing potential of the best email signatures. An email signature marketing platform can be a fantastic tool for brand marketers who want an easy way to quickly and easily test new creative, such as color, theme, call-to-action, and overall experience that “entices someone to click”.
Creating a campaign and deploying it to a select number of employees’ signatures can be done in <5 minutes in just a few easy steps:

  1. Decide what you want to test: a call-to-action, a color, or something else related to the campaign you’re testing
  2. Design a Sigstr campaign, and consider having several variations of the campaign to test
  3. Login to and upload your new campaign(s)
  4. Determine which groups in your organization should use the campaign (consider sales, marketing, HR, etc)
  5. Start the campaign!
  6. Check back for real-time campaign results, including campaigns displays and clicks

Want some more ideas on how to design compelling templates and signature campaigns that will catch the right attention? Check out this post for some clever ideas and start your free 30-day trial of Sigstr today, and start putting email signature marketing to the test (get it?)