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The End of The Flip My Funnel Podcast? What Happens Next…

On this final episode of The Flip My Funnel podcast, we look back on some of the show’s highlights. Building an entirely new category of ABM, this show functioned as a way to educate, define, and bring the community together. 

But the conversation is evolving and so. are. we.

Sangram Vajre of Terminus, recounts how the podcast got its start, the lessons learned along the way, and what’s next for the show.

Why Sangram started Flip My Funnel

Started in 2015, the goal of Flip My Funnel was all about helping build the category of Account Based Marketing, when the term was still relatively new. People had a lot of ideas and misconceptions around ABM; even the definition wasn’t clear.

Sangram realized that there wasn’t a place for people to consume data around ABM and wanted to lead the charge creating a community of believers into this new way of marketing and sales.

”There wasn’t anything or anyone out there really learning and teaching the business of Account Based Marketing.” — Sangram Vajre

A time of little understanding

When ABM was new in 2015, Sangram remarks on some of the biggest misunderstandings the community had:

  • Who owns ABM?
  • Where should ABM go?
  • What are the frameworks?

Today, over five years later and with a community of over 100,000 people listening to the Flip My Funnel podcast, Sangram has achieved his goal of promoting learning and growth about the new category.  

How B2B is changing

For someone who has a first language that isn’t English, being within a channel that encourages a conversational tone, complete with all the filler words, is one that Sangram has appreciated. 

”People want to know what’s going on with not only the C-level, but also all the different levels in the organization.” — Sangram Vajre

Realizing that the audience was okay with and encouraged a conversational tone, Sangram was able to pull back the curtain of ABM and talk to a wider range of people Not just CEOs but SDRs, AEs, and Customer Success. Talking with this often neglected group gave the audience a deeper understanding since this group was usually the team on the frontlines of ABM.

B2B’s transition

“When the whole Flip My Funnel podcast began, B2B has changed for me, personally, quite a bit,” Sangram recounts.

At the time, all he thought about was aligning sales and marketing writing several books on the subject. But, as he grew in his understanding of what makes companies great, Sangram began to understand that it was about more than just sales and marketing; it’s about all the different elements of the go-to-market team. 

And the emphasis on the whole go-to-market team is exactly what’s changed in the past 10 to 15 years.

The first 60 episodes

With the idea in place, a bigger question must be asked: How can anyone find enough guests to fill a daily podcast? Sangram’s answer: Use the valuable resources around you for him, it was his co-workers. 

”An SDR is talking about a deal that they lost or closed. I’ll say, ‘Great. Let’s just hop in a room.’ And we would record a 15 minute conversation about the process they went through that they felt was the reason they lost it, or the reason they won it.” — Sangram Vajre

And those very fluid and conversational talks are what Sangram attributes to early success for the show. The audience felt like they were inside the company even though they were watching from the outside. 

The show’s next MOVE…

While the Flip My Funnel podcast has served as a community for everyone looking to learn and teach ABM through various interviews, the conversation is changing. Going from a podcast built on interviews, the new podcast, Move, will be more focused on narration instead narrating various topics that take place in go-to-market. 

A focus on value

Daily episodes are great but take a lot of effort that pulls away from the quality of each episode. Acknowledging the time it takes to produce valuable content, our formula is changing.

Instead of the daily format of Flip My Funnel, Move will be a weekly podcast in order to spend more time on the content quality that we want to deliver. 

A key takeaway

We’d like to thank you for your continued support of this podcast. The learnings and teachings we’ve had along the way have not only shaped the ABM category, it’s brought together an incredible community that we’re excited to share this next step with. 

Join us as we begin this go-to-market journey with the Move podcast and enter into a new era.

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