Email Signatures

If The Good Place Characters Had Email Signatures

When trying to convince friends and family that they should watch The Good Place, it can be a hard sell.

“It’s this show about these people who are dead, and they are in this place that’s like heaven, but not heaven. And there is a point system. And this lady named Janet who is not really a lady, but the source of all knowledge. And there are lots of philosophy discussions. And fro-yo. And that guy from Cheers.”

You end up sounding like a lunatic. But watch a few episodes, and you’ll be hooked. Now in its third season, The Good Place has achieved an almost cult-like following, and with good reason. It’s hilarious, smart, and well-acted. What’s not to love? So in an effort to get into The Good Place ourselves, Sigstr decided to honor our favorite characters by imagining the best email signatures of each character.

Warning… spoilers ahead.

Eleanor Shellstrop

Eleanor Shellstrop, our leading lady, may have been a selfish, rude, and dishonest person during her life on earth, but she’s grown into a kind and compassionate human being over the course of three seasons (and hundreds of resets). Although Eleanor is deemed the most morally corrupt of the four humans, she has shown the greatest ability to grow and improve herself. This is likely because she has no delusions of what kind of life she lived and is able to tackle her negative aspects head on. Selfishly, we hope Eleanor doesn’t lose ALL of her bad traits. They are too entertaining.

Chidi Anagonye

Chidi’s indecisiveness can give anyone an anxiety attack. JUST PICK A HAT ALREADY, MAN. While he’s kind-hearted and giving, Chidi is practically incapable of making quick decisions. As a philosophy professor, his need to analyze the moral implications of every decision he makes often causes him to obsess over whether even his most insignificant actions are deemed ethical. Luckily, Eleanor seems to be helping Chidi overcome his struggles. Can you say, match made in heaven? But literally.

Jason Mendoza

Jason Mendoza, TV’s most lovable idiot, may not offer the best ideas when it comes to getting the group into The Good Place, but he’s sweet and optimistic. He means well, and it could be argued that most of his bad decisions are the result of ignorance rather than malicious intent. Despite his lack of intelligence, Jason is the show’s heart throb. At one point or another, he earns the attention of every female character, including Janet’s! What a charmer.

Tahani Al-Jamil

Tahani Al-Jamil may be materialistic and egotistical, but you can’t help but love her. She exudes class and confidence. During her life, Tahani was overlooked by her parents and overshadowed by her younger sister, Kamila, which resulted in bitter jealousy and the need to upstage others. This is punctuated by the fact that she is a relentless name dropper. But honestly, can you blame her? Anyone that makes out with Ryan Gosling at the Met Ball has the right to brag about it.


Besides Eleanor, Michael has grown the most over the course of three seasons. In the beginning, Michael was the show’s main antagonist, putting all his time and effort into torturing Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani. Entertaining? Yes. But the show couldn’t have survived on endless reset attempts. Gradually, Michael’s interactions with the humans led him to care about each of them deeply. He’s now willing to sacrifice himself to help the gang reach the real Good Place.


If only everyone had a Janet in their lives. Janet is a supercomputer who is the source of all information and knowledge for humans within The Good Place. She is perpetually cheery, courteous, and non-judgemental by design. In seasons two and three, we’ve seen Janet start to develop emotions, a supposedly impossible feat. Because of this, she has grown attached to the humans, particularly Jason. We can’t wait for that weird love story to unfold.

Bad Janet

Bad Janet needs no introduction. She’s bad. You get it.


If we didn’t already know that The Good Place had the same creators as Parks and Rec, they added Adam Scott to the character pool just to drive the point home. And we’re not complaining. Trevor may not be a series regular, but his cameos are always delightful. Like Michael, Trevor is an immortal being, however, he has zero compassion for the human race. He’s aggressive and rude and takes sadistic pleasure in torturing those sent to The Bad Place. He’s pretty much the best character ever.