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If The Office Characters Had Email Signatures

In the age of Netflix and DVD (or BluRay) boxed sets, TV shows just don’t die like they used to, which is why it’s ridiculously hard to believe it’s been over 12 years since The Office first premiered. The dry humor paired with the realistic monotony of a traditional office pays nod to the British mockumentary of the same name. And today it becomes a piece of Sigstr history as it joins Game of Thrones, Parks & Rec, Harry Potter and a few Marvel Superheroes in sharing their would-be email content.

Apart from being nominated for a plethora of Emmy Awards and Golden Globes, it is a love story for the ages.  The anticipation and development of romance in the first two seasons with Jim and Pam got you hooked, too? Nope? Just me? Okay, I admit it, I’m a romantic at heart. Apart from that, it hits home to everyone who has an office dynamic, no matter if you work for a paper company or an awesome martech company, like Sigstr.

So don’t be a Toby, kick back, grab a beet or two from Schrute farms and enjoy the read.

Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute is assistant to the regional manager, despite a lack in social skills and common sense. He’s a fascist nerd with a deep and abiding love for the system. He lives on his family’s 60-acre beet farm (the most successful beet farm in Pennsylvania) with his cousin Mose in a nine-bedroom farmhouse. The pair run the home as a bed-and-breakfast and sell their beets. His email content campaign is promoting his latest ebook, Benefits of Buying Local Produce.

Dwight's email content preaches shopping local

Michael Scott

Michael Scott is the boss, which means he can get away with anything – and he does. He’s best known for his child-like humor and affinity for making people totally uncomfortable through song parodies (like “Beers in Heaven” or “Goodbye, Toby”), derogatory comments and admitting to hating his co-workers (well, just Toby). His email content reflects his love for the arts with his Magic Tricks Webinar. (Spoiler Alert: He doesn’t teach you how to do them.)

The Magnificent Michael Scott's email content Creed

A former homeless man, hippie and deviant, Creed is, apparently, a quality assurance director. But even he forgets what his title is, as he never actually does any work. He’s oddly informed about drug culture and has been quoted saying, I’ve been in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. He’s just weird enough to be likable. We can expect that a majority of his externally-faced email content is used for his lucrative Face ID business.

Creed's Creepy email Content

Jim Halpert

Slim Jim is the resident “cool guy” in the Scranton Dunder Mifflin office. He’s well-liked, and respected, by pretty much everyone. When he puts the effort in, Jim can really move some paper. But Jim’s pride and joy at the office is not actually in his work at all. Instead it’s in his ongoing prank war with Dwight. His email content is a “Top Dwight Pranks Workshop” for other employees looking to prank their coworkers.

Cool Slim Jim's email content

Kevin Malone

Kevin has a huge heart and an even bigger stomach. Among his many talents, he plays in a band, Scrantonicity, as lead vocalist and drummer. He’s also surprisingly talented at shooting hoops, catching footballs and putting copious amounts of M&Ms in his mouth. Kevin’s most important CTA comes from his biggest accomplishment: Winning the World Series of Poker Deuce-Seven Triple Draw Tournament in 2002. His email content campaign shows a case study on How to Win the WSOP.

Kevin's email content

Angela (Martin) Schrute

Angela is the worst! Honestly, she’s cold, heartless and judgmental. However, she does have a few fascinating interests and responsibilities. She loves her cats to the point of obsession, posters of infants dressed like adults and she’s the head of the party planning committee – a role she takes insanely serious. Right now, Angela is running a campaign to get folks to come to her cat, Bandit’s, birthday party.

Angela and Pam are real life bffs - but not in their email content

Andy Bernard

The “Nard Dog” and infamous singer in Here Comes Treble, Andy is the conniving, obnoxious, desperate for attention middle manager. He’s a corporate suck-up with a bit of an anger management issue. On the other hand, he wears his heart on his sleeve and has an enormous capacity to love. Overall, Andy is a glorious, vulnerable fool who just wants to be valued. He has a vast compendium of talents to appreciate as well, such as his musical aptitude for stringed instrument and vocals. Then there’s his overly-dramatic theatrical performances and a few calming techniques he picked up in anger management. His campaign offers you the chance to book him for acting gigs in his Book a Meeting, campaign.

Nard Dog's email content

Pam (Beesly) Halpert

Pam is the sweetheart of the show. Timid and friendly, she has an adoration for Jim and all things art. She’s Michael Scott’s biggest supporter, often letting him practice “trial run” performances with her before customer meetings and sometimes dates. She also had the tenacity to leave Dunder Mifflin Scranton to join Michael’s company The Michael Scott Paper Company – before returning and essentially promoting herself to office administrator. Pam’s campaign proudly promotes her most recent honor – the, Whitest Sneaker Dundie Award.”

Pam's email content shows her sweet award

These are a few realistic (albeit, fictional) use cases, but check our ebook, 28 Creative Use Cases for Email Signature Marketing for more ways ESM can enhance your content distribution strategy.