How Tipalti Increased Engagement & ROI in Hard-to-Reach Verticals Using Account-Based Marketing

Customer Testimonial: Rob Israch
CMO at Tipalti

Rob Israch is the CMO at Tipalti, a B2B payments application. It automates the entire process of paying your suppliers anywhere in the world.

Why did you choose Terminus? (0:12)

“We chose Terminus because it fits our strategy of going to market with key verticals and industries. These are all really difficult to find; they’re not in any drop-down, SIC code list or the such. One of the most potent ways to capture those accounts and to get in front of them is to create a target account list and really reach them individually – focusing on the right companies and the relevant roles.

“Terminus is the easiest application we found to do this. We pour in our target account list and Terminus allows us to choose the role and level we want to target with our campaigns — even if we don’t have those contacts in our CRM. So it’s a very powerful way to ensure that our message is getting in front of precisely the right people who we want to sell to. The whole process is very easy.”

– Rob Israch, CMO at Tipalti

“We can also adapt the messaging to the right vertical. With our campaigns, we have different messaging, stories, creative, and budgets based on the different tiers of industries we want to speak to. If we’re talking to an ad network and they want to pay their publishers, we use ads that talk about publishers. If we’re talking about an affiliate network, we talk about affiliates. If we talk to e-commerce, we talk about suppliers. Terminus’ ability to personalize the campaign to the specific vertical, company, and role is really important to our efforts.”

[Tweet “@Terminus personalizes campaigns to specific verticals, companies, & roles. – @risrach #ABM”]

“On top of that, Terminus syncs with Salesforce, which is really powerful. It allows us to automate campaigns that are triggered based on the target’s stage in our pipeline. It wasn’t something I actually came into the buying process thinking I would get, but that actually has been really cool — to be able to have messages delivered to people based on the stage of the buying journey or what pipeline stage they were in Salesforce. That’s been really powerful.”

[Tweet “@Terminus gets our message in front of precisely the people we want to sell to. – @risrach“]

What strategies are you implementing with Terminus? (1:48)

“My favorite strategy with Terminus is personalization. At the end of the day, target account marketing is about targeting people really precisely and getting a message in front of them that is as relevant as humanly possible. The fact is that the system is so intuitive. We can get the right messages to right targets, and ensuring we can control that message to the right person is highly effective. Terminus is an engagement tool, a branding tool, a messaging tool, and a personalization tool at once.”

[Tweet “@Terminus is an engagement, branding, messaging, & personalization tool. – CMO of @Tipalti“]

How do you measure success with your Terminus campaigns? (2:21)

“The first piece of measurement is simply, are we able to get ads in front of the right companies and the right roles? Then, it’s measuring engagement. Did they click? Did they get a view through impression? Did they do something on the website? Then, tracking if that engagement moved them down the funnel. That’s really how we’re measuring and how we’re looking at it.

“It’s not as much of a lead gen tool as much as a tool that allows us to engage the right people. Compared to other types of marketing where you do need to measure lead going to ROI and to end-of-funnel, we already know our ads are getting in front of the right people and the right roles at the right companies. Engagement with them and getting an impression in front of them is a win right off the bat. It’s very easy to articulate that value prop to my CEO.”

[Tweet “With @Terminus, our ads get in front of the right people at the right companies. – @risrach“]

What’s one thing you like about Terminus? (2:34)

“The reporting within the system helps me communicate with my sales team. It tells you exactly which companies have seen the ads, how many different people at the companies have seen the ads, and how many times. That type of reporting is useful for communicating engagement with sales. The data also goes into Salesforce for later attribution modeling and reporting.”

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