Top 10 Account-Based Marketing Resources You Should Read Today

We live and breathe account-based marketing here at Terminus, so we spend a lot of time exploring ABM content online. And we love it when others get excited about ABM too. We spend a lot of our time creating content about account-based marketing, we have decided to highlight ten great resources that are well worth checking out.

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1. Marketers Aren’t Taking Advantage of Account-Based Marketing—Yet

Author: Andrew Corselli, Direct Marketing News

Why we love it: This article highlights some great takeaways from SiriusDecisions’ 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing study. The best one? “Although 92% of companies acknowledge ABM’s value — with some even calling it a B2B marketing must-have — only 20% have had full programs in place for more than a year.”

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2. What’s Behind the Resurgence for Account-Based Marketing

Author: Dan Ziman, LeanData

Why we love it: This blog does a fantastic job of sharing the history of account-based marketing along with providing evidence for why the strategy is increasingly relevant today. Our favorite takeaway from this piece is from a research study conducted by LeanData that found that “85 percent [of those surveyed] stated that they are beginning or continuing to invest in account-based marketing initiatives.”

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3. Believe the Hype – You Should Be Doing Account-Based Marketing

Author: Megan Heuer, SiriusDecisions

Why we love it: There is little argument that SiriusDecisions is a great source of research about all things B2B marketing — especially account-based marketing. In this post, Megan Heuer highlights that ABM takes concentrated effort and alignment between sales and marketing. Though there are technologies to help make this process easier, the strategy still must come from the human element: the marketer.

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4. Be an Account-Based Marketing Champ in 5 Simple Steps

Author: Mike Telem, Marketo

Why we love it: One of the greatest challenges with implementing an account-based marketing strategy is simply deciding where to start. This easy read attempts to simplify the process for marketers and provides a good starting point for planning ABM campaigns. The best part is that it sets expectations around implementing an ABM program in both short-term and long-term. The reality of account-based marketing is that it takes time to implement, and results do not always come quickly. Marketo does a fantastic job of highlighting that here.

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5. Creating Targeted B2B Content with Account-Based Marketing

Author: Kimbe McMaster, Vidyard

Why we love it: Much has been written about why B2B marketers should adopt account-based marketing and how they should implement it. Cheers to Kimbe McMaster at Vidyard for taking a different angle on this topic: ABM content creation. This blog post presents the innovative idea of creating a personalized landing page with a customized video message for each of your target accounts.

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6. SlideShare: The ABCs of ABM

Author: Ned Leutz, ZoomInfo

Why we love it: Ned Leutz of ZoomInfo does an outstanding job of presenting account-based marketing in a very visual format in this SlideShare. The deck walks you through the concept of ABM along with the necessary steps to implementing a strategy. It also includes a useful case study to illustrate the key points of the presentation. If you are short on time and want some quick ABM insights, this is definitely the best place to go.

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7. The 5 Things to Know About Account-Based Marketing

Author: Mathew Sweezey, Salesforce

Why we love it: This article presents how marketers can run account-based marketing programs at scale with innovative technologies. AdTech can truly help B2B marketers achieve the level of personalization that B2C marketers have been using for years now. Sweezey looks in to his crystal ball and predicts the future of B2B marketing as “a combination of 1:1 marketing and online advertising methodologies.”

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8. The Difference Between Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Outbound Sales

Author: Craig Rosenberg, TOPO

Why we love it: This post highlights a provocative presentation given by Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio, about account-based marketing. During the presentation, Manuel Medina, CEO of Outreach.io, tweeted this:

After seeing this tweet, Craig Rosenberg tackles this issue head-on with a great post and proceeds to dive into a highly detailed explanation of account-based marketing.

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9. SlideShare: All About Account-Based Marketing

Author: Jon Miller, Engagio

Why we love it: This post includes the complete SlideShare from Jon Miller’s presentation (mentioned above) along with ten tweetable takeaways. In Jon’s presentation, he defines areas where an account-based marketing strategy is most useful, and he proposes a three-step model for implementing ABM within your B2B organization.

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10. The Rise of Account-Based Marketing/

Author: Elisa Greene, Demandbase

Why we love it: The topic of this post is a study from Demandbase that resulted in some really cool findings. One of them was that “52 percent of respondents stated that they currently have ABM pilot programs in place.” Another interesting point was that “more than 60 percent of respondents said that they plan to invest in ABM technology within the next twelve months.” Both of these statistics truly speak to the rise of account-based marketing, and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!

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Bonus Resources:

Here are two posts from around the web that I’ve written on the topic of account-based marketing.

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Much has been written about account-based marketing strategies, but little has been written about how marketers can implement those at scale. In this post on the OpenView Labs blog, I share five ideas for how marketers can do just that.

Want to Learn More About Account-Based Marketing?

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