How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Define Their Brand Through Employee Email

As a top digital marketing agency, you’re tasked with positioning brands to create an intuitive and relevant customer experience. By watching trends and finding new ways to educate, entertain and inspire your clients’ consumers, you forecast the connected age of tomorrow. Sigstr helps to define your branding standards through employee email.

Employees are your agency’s greatest asset, representing your brand in every exchange they make. They’re sending thousands of emails each year, casting your identity on each of their contacts. In fact, on average, a single employee will send 10,000 emails annually. Offer them a vehicle to shift employee email to an owned marketing channel while you create another avenue to boost your brand identity as a top digital marketing agency and stay on the cusp of marketing technology.

Your Agency Can Use Employee Email to Promote:

  • Content (resources, ebook, case studies, articles)
  • Service offerings (current or new)
  • Consultation, audit or assessment
  • Rebrand
  • Newsletter
  • Events, podcasts or webinars
  • Career opportunities

How Sigstr Works:

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Every employee email sent should close with a branded email signature driving real marketing ROI. Sigstr unlocks this owned channel by providing simple, central control over your company’s email signatures.

On-brand signatures: With a simple installation and centralized control, every email sent from your employees will have an on-brand and consistent signature.

Dynamic campaigns: Tailor your content delivery on a human-to-human level with a clickable call-to-action that highlights your latest content.

Examples From Other Agencies:

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Direct Feedback:

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top digital marketing agencyReady to Learn More?

Our team would love the opportunity to help your agency open up employee email as a new owned channel. Get started by scheduling a demo or access a few additional resources below:

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